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  1. G

    Selling DJI Crystal Sky 7.85 With Accessories

    I am selling a DJI CrystalSky on eBay with all of the various accessories that are needed for it and some extras ones. Check out this link to see the listing: URL removed by moderator
  2. Rocco Z

    [SOLD] $6,750 Complete Inspire 2 RAW kit *MUST SELL ASAP*

    (((SOLD))): DJI Inspire 2 Complete X5s RAW Production Kit (brand new body, camera) The kit was purchased for $8,192.00. I’m looking for $6,750 + $150 shipping. Location: Denver, CO Hello! After an unfortunate financial situation, our production must sell one of our brand new Inspire 2 kits...
  3. R

    Inspire 2 for sale (Including extras)

    SOLD (remove or ignore thread please!)
  4. W

    *****LIKE NEW- DJI CARE****Selling Inspire 1 V2 with camera and DJI CARE!!!!!!! *****LIKE NEW

    Hey, im looking to sell my inspire 1 v2 drone. I am looking for a smaller drone. It has everything that comes in the box. It has been flown less than 20 times. It has DJI CARE. It is suppose to expire around December 26,2018. I am interested in a smaller drone. Like a phantom 4 pro. I am asking...
  5. M

    DJI For sale Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full UK warranty.

    Ebay link with 12 pictures: DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) Drone - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full warranty. | eBay I bought this drone less than 2 months ago on the 27th of September 2016 from Heliguy in the UK (official DJI re-seller). Warranty is in full effect and 100% transferable to the new...
  6. stevet

    Reasonable price for I1?

    With the I2 coming out I think everyone is in the same boat here to figure out how to sell their I1. I was curious what peoples price ranges would be. I have the original I1 with X3 camera, along with 6 batteries, and dual remote.
  7. Tannerharvey

    Inspire 1 for phantom 4

    I'm looking to sell or trade a very low used inspire 1 v2.0 for a phantom 4. 11 months of paid Dji care included with full bundle. (2 remotes, 2 batteries, extra propellers, charging hub etc )
  8. A

    Drone Chest, A Peer 2 Peer Marketplace to Buy or Sell New or Used Drones and Related Gear

    Hey all, I am also a drone owner, and in the past have experienced issues selling used drones and related gear on forums, Craigslist and Ebay. As a result, I saw a need for an online marketplace for this up and coming industry where anyone can buy or sell their new or used drones and related...
  9. C

    URGENT - Seeking TB47 or TB48 Inspire Batteries (Borrow or Buy)

    Hi all in Australia, preferably Sydney. I have just been let down buy a seller and am in desperate need of a few batteries for a job tomorrow. If anyone has some for immediate sale or is willing to lend me a few (for a modest fee), I will be extremely grateful. Email [email protected]...