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  1. Rocco Z

    $450 bid Osmo Pro Add-On Kit (Focus, Z-axis, iPad, batteries, more)

    eBay Link: DJI Osmo X5 PRO Add-on Kit + iPad Mini2 + Z-Axis + Focus + X5 Adapter + Batts... | eBay The perfect Inspire 1 Pro add-on kit: turn your X5 into a workhorse handheld stabilized gimbal system. Pull focus, walk/run, and view on an iPad monitor for cinema-quality stabilized footage. We...
  2. Rocco Z

    $500 bid Selling Inspire Add Ons: TSA LandingMode Case, 2 TX, 3 Batts, Charging Hub

    This item has been sold. Here's the eBay link; willing to go outside of eBay. Contains: GPC Inspire 1 Pro Landing Mode case with TSA-Approved locks, key included Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (x2) Inspire 1 TB48 Battery Inspire 1 Transmitter (x3), two functioning, one in need of DJI repair...
  3. Parker

    Crashed my Inspire 1 Pro... so....

    I thought I would post my question here at IP because I know it's a friendly, knowledgeable crowd. 2 months ago my Inspire caught a gust of wind and hit a few branches. 2 props snapped and it fell about 10 feet to the ground where one of the arms broke. The unit still powers on, the battery is...
  4. A

    Inspire 1 with FPV camera, worth upgrading to Inspire 2?

    Hey guys, I have an Inspire 1 with a custom FPV camera I made and fitted myself using a immersionRC 600 microwatt transmitter I soldered into the PCB board, works reasonably well(roughly 1km range). I also have 4 TB48 batteries, 2xX3 cameras (1 broke in a crash, I bought a new one then fixed...
  5. I

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 for sale UK

    Hi, Just pre ordered the new Inspire 2 so selling my 10 month old Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 gimbal and lens. Comes with 1 remote, 3 x TB47 batteries and charger and 2 sets of propellers. I do still have the original hardback case that comes with the Inspire 1 but the zip is broken, but will...
  6. M

    DJI For sale Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full UK warranty.

    Ebay link with 12 pictures: DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 (Version 2) Drone - Bought 27 Sep 2016, full warranty. | eBay I bought this drone less than 2 months ago on the 27th of September 2016 from Heliguy in the UK (official DJI re-seller). Warranty is in full effect and 100% transferable to the new...
  7. Mikhael

    Custom Black/White Inspire V2

  8. I

    Selling Inspire 1

    Selling DJI Inspire 1 with long range mod + insurance/ and extras. Here is a link, let me know if you have any questions please. DJI Inspire 1 with Long Range MOD + INSURRANCE/ and EXTRAS | eBay
  9. V

    Parting out an Inspire 1 with out X3 camera

    I Have an Inspire 1 that I am parting out or sell as is complete. The left are has damage to to the rear carbon arm. ( Snapped) Left rear motor is damaged as well. Everything else is in working order. Comes with one battery, new blades and controller. Under 5 hours flight time, purchased Sept...