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shaky gimbal

  1. M

    Vibrations - jello effect during forward flight

    Hi! What could be the cause of such vibrations in the video? The recording was captured by DJI Inspire 1 x3. Here is my story: 1. The drone had an accident. I have personally glued a broken arm. The drone was flying like new. 2. Few months later, after one of the firmware updates drone did not...
  2. Matt_1868

    Shaky Image and Loud Buzzing when Moving Laterally (X3)

    Hi: I have been flying an Inspire 1 since September 2015 and recently ran in to an issue with the image quality when moving laterally in either direction (the most sever image distortion occurs when moving laterally to the left) near and up to 100% stick application. After noticing this issue...