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  1. J

    inspire 1 RMA warranty nightmare (Must Read)

    Hi everyone, I want to share a recent experience I had with DJI involving several RMA's. I am not one to complain or rant, I am here just to share my experience and give some advice to others when conducting future RMA's I don't really post on the forums, more so just browse going to start...
  2. AerialMediaPros

    I2 INSPIRE 2 X5S Combos Shipping from Aerial Media Pros

    Hey Guys, We are very excited as we just received tracking on close to 40 Inspire 2 X5S combos. These are expected to arrive this coming Wed or Thur. We will then immediately be shipping these to our customers. Feel free to Pre order here to reserve yours and be one of the First to have the...
  3. Michael M.

    CAUTION: DJI Repair Shipping x-Scam-x (edited) -> Costs

    I had read many accounts of shady or difficult customer service, but hoped that it was isolated incidents. Please read the below before you get caught in the same shipping scam that DJI just did on me. Over a month ago, I contacted DJI support as my Inspire was not sending video signal to the...