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inspire 1 RMA warranty nightmare (Must Read)

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Jan 18, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I want to share a recent experience I had with DJI involving several RMA's. I am not one to complain or rant, I am here just to share my experience and give some advice to others when conducting future RMA's

I don't really post on the forums, more so just browse going to start being more active this year.

Little background on me, I live in Northern California and have been flying drones commercial for 5+ years, I hold a 333 exemption & Part 107 license. I attached an interview I did for Fox News below. I do commercial ap & cinematography for some for the largest companies in Silicon Valley & SF Bay Area.

Pilot Thinks Proposed FAA Drone Rules Too Lenient

I pre-order my inspire 1 pro and x5r Dec 2015 received the aircraft early March 2016. Great aircraft, the quality of the x5/x5r blew my mind compared to my current workhorse (s900 z15 gh4 12mm Olympus f2.0) About 2 months after receiving, I have a gimbal roll motor go out on the x5 they replace it no problem took ruffly a month from the time I shipped the x5 until I received It back, couple more months go by one of my tb48 swells up they replace it. about 45 days later, I had my right rear motor on the i1 start to discolor from overheating it was turning brown/gold, it had some resistance and was making a grinding sound mid flight and was on it's way out. DJI replaced it at this point I had the craft for about 6 months and already had 3 return to manufactures and it had been in DJI's possession for 60-days of the 6 months I owned it.

Another month goes by and I am having issues with the replacement x5 I received, I told them it was another gimbal roll motor going out. I send the craft in for RMA they have it for about 3 weeks, they replace the absorption board and gimbal wiring. I receive it back and first test flight same issues with the gimbal roll motor (I think did they not test fly it?) I immediately send it back in for another RMA with the sample clips from my flight. They opt to replace the x5 with a brand new one instead of a refurbished one like they did the prior time. They send the aircraft back to me finally repaired, and I receive it from UPS and the entire box was smashed I mean so smashed my case was completely broken apart, my battery was smashed and other components where damaged beyond use. (I think this is a 5k drone do you not write fragile on the box) I immediately contacted DJI after waiting for 45 minutes I finally get a manager Thomas B. after speaking with Thomas B. and sending over 30+ images of the damage to my package. Thomas acknowledges this is DJIs fault and says he will have all the damaged items replaced and sent to me in 48-hrs. I then do hear back from Thomas B. after trying to reach him several times over 2 weeks period he is one of the main managers at DJI Global North America. I then call in 2 weeks later wait over a 1hr to speak to Thomas B. they tell me he is unavailable and then say Marquez will take my call. Marquez acts very laid back and cool like there is no problem, almost like he is stoned or something. I ask him are you stoned, because you seem like your very carefree about my problem he then starts to take my complaint seriously when I mention the fact he sounds like he's on drugs and proceeds to investigate my situation and says that all the items are approved to ship out and he doesn't know why they haven't been shipped...(well why don't you go down there and ship them yourself them???)

This was a few days before Christmas mind you and Marquez promise I will have the items by the 1st of the year. January 3rd rolls around I still have no tracking number, no items and no contact from DJI it's like they are trying to sweep my problem under the rug. (All this could have been prevented with a fragile sticker) I finally call in wait another 45 minutes to speak to a manager and finally get Oscar, Oscar is a nice guy, very apologetic, Oscar wants to earn my business and keep me as a loyal customer. He tells me this order slipped through the cracks and goes down there and personally shipped my order out that day. I was very greatful that he finally resolved my problem and sent me the over $500 in damaged product from the item not being labeled correctly by DJI when shipping.

So I have had i1 pro/raw for less then 10 months it has been in DJI's possession over 3 months of those 10 months and it has 5 RMA's had the camera replaced twice and it's never been crashed or landed hard....Moral of the story do not pre-order DJI products or early version of DJI products because you willing become DJIs Beta Testers and are guaranteed to have problems. I will be sticking to my Alta 6, and i1 raw & holding off on the i2 until price drops in another month when the pro version come out like on the m600. Do you really need 5K? I don't in my "Off Hollywood" work environment.

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