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  1. R

    Slow Card Warning

    Interestingly I bought my I2 and PH4P to a gig after a new firmware update for them both. Oddly I have now been getting the Slow card warning of both machines using the same cards I have used for months (and btw the cards that came with the units) Anyone else?
  2. M

    How slow can they fly?

    1st post!! Apologies if this has been asked, just haven't seen this asked before. How slow can an inspire 1 fly? Have flow one a few times, can't afford to buy one yet so have not experimented with regards to this.
  3. P

    Long exposure downtown Los Angeles 4 seconds

    I shoot this with 85 pictures of 1.6 second exposure. Let me know what you think! The whole timelapse is 4 seconds!