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smart powercharge

  1. Z

    Inspire 1/Zeiss Cinemizers/Smart Powercharge

    i have a 2 year old Inspire 1 (single RC) complete package with several extras. It was used lightly for agricultural purposes but I bought a Mavic and gave a feeling it will satisfy all of my needs now. I thought I would take some offers here for a week or two before putting it on eBay. Here's a...
  2. H

    Used Inspire Pro x5 Dual remote package

    Used Inspire Pro x5 package Asking $2,800 shipped. 2 controllers 1 TB47 and 2 TB48 batteries charger Lanyard 2 sets of props (4 used, 4 new sealed) **extras below also unless sold prior separately** 6 sets of 1345T Quick Release Props NIB 4 sets of Quick Release Install Kit NIB NO crashes...