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  1. R

    My Compilation: X5R Showreel

    Hello Pilots, I´m new here and like the Forum! I´m in a German Community as well but I prefer the international touch here. I´m a Filmmaker who is also in the air for a few years. Here is my first Showreel. Hope you like it! Best Regards, Dirk
  2. J

    Aerial 360 panoramas at Beas de Guadix, Spain

    Last fryday i was driving back from a panoramic training course, and i saw a chance to get a panorama, so y leaved the main road, looked for a good place to take of, prepared the Inspire2 and waited for the sun between the clouds, i think it was worth and i like the panoramas, hope you like it...
  3. MrDrone

    Flying in Southern Spain

    I will be in southern Spain (Vejer de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia) in the next weeks and wanted to know any first hand experience for non commercial flying. I have checked that I will be flying in unrestricted airspace and based on what I gathered the regulation involved not flying in cities...
  4. T