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You've made a very nice example using an aerial video platform. I notice, with some dismay, your video is much sharper (more detail) than anything I've seen so far from the X5. The video experts will probably say it's "over sharpened" but I like it. Everywhere I look, new X5 owners are praising the "softer, cinematic" look of the X5. In my 40 years experience of buying professional cameras and lenses the word softer would not normally be a selling point.
Don't like it.Reminds me summer is over:mad:.
Nah just kidding.Very nice.
Oops here is my dirty mind again,really like the pole dancer at the end:oops:
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You got some nerves, I wouldn't dare to shoot in like 80% of those locations, maybe I'm a chicken or because I had a crash with my bird I'm pretty cautious.
Good job!!

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