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  1. niki

    Modding Inspire for Speed?

    Hi all, I am curious did somebody have his Inspire 1 modded by the guys from flyflydrones or by himself? Please note that I'm not asking how to do the MOD but feedback from people that have done it! I'm mainly interested to make the inspire a bit faster so I'm looking for some feedback from...
  2. A

    The ULTIMATE Inspire 2 battery charger

    Like many of you, I have struggled with charging Inspire 2 batteries in the field. With TWO batteries required for ONE flight, and the slow charge times from the OEM wall adapter + DJI charge hub it seemed the only option was to buy more batteries at $160 USD each ($320 USD per flight pack)...
  3. niki

    Inspire 1 - Litchi waypoints - unstable flight above 45km/h

    Hi guys, I have stability problem with Inspire 1v2 and Litch waypoints. I have used Litchi many times without any problems but somehow never had a mission set with more than 35km/h cruise speed and everything was working fine till yesterday when I needed a faster mission with 45km/h. When I...
  4. T


    Hey guys, we've just uploaded this cool new drone speed test video in which we put the DJI Inspire 1 up against the Mavic, Yunnec's Typhoon H and the Inspire 2! Give it a watch and let me know what you think! We'd appreciate any feedback! :-D
  5. J

    Vertical speed slow?!

    When I first started flying my inspire it had a vertical speed of around 11-12 mph. I never noticed until today, but now it's only getting 6 to 7 mph. Anyone have any idea why? Also, when I take off full speed the aircraft doesn't seem to want to fly straight. This seems to be worse in...
  6. D

    what are the speed restrictions for operating guidance ?

    Hi just wondering what conditions guidance will work under in terms of flight speed. Is it restricted to work only at less than a certain speed? Thanks in advance Dave
  7. K

    70+ MPH 787mm Quad 20 Min Flight on $32 of Battery Your thoughts?!

    In response to the industries hobby grade standards 4 months ago I decided to do it myself. As a designer and film maker with years of composite design and construction experience I set out to make a UAV that was efficient, extremely fast, bullet proof, and beautiful. 4 months later I am in the...