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  1. MOscapinaki

    FPV help!!

    I use my FPV goggles a lot. I just bought a Cendence controller and I love the manual focus. Here is my problem. You can see the focus clear as day on the tablet or phone on the controller. But when you connect hdmi to the FPV goggles, it displays the screen but not all of the info on the...
  2. Stygmatah

    Optimal iPad storage size for the Inspire 1

    Hi everyone, I have searched high and low and I've found plenty of opinion on the best tablet/phone to be used with the Inspire 1 (iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 4/iPad Pro) but I can't seem to find anything on required storage size. I have just ordered a second hand Inspire 1 Pro which should be here in...
  3. R

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A vs iPad

    I'm looking at buying a Samsung Tab A to be used by the camera op and slave controller. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with these devices? I fly the Inspire 2 with an iPad mini so there would be a cross of apple and android devices being used at the same time if that could also be...
  4. M

    Inspire 2 Tablet?

    Hello, I've just purchased an Inspire 2 but I'm still on the fence about what tablet to get for it. After reading many forum posts it seems like the DJI app works better on Apple products? Does everyone here agree? I've always been an Windows/Android guy but want to make sure I have the best...
  5. A

    Best ANDROID tablet Inspire Pro X5 Dual operator

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm sure it's been asked before but with new tablets coming out frequently I'm looking for advice on which tabelts work well with the Inspire App. This is the one I'm considering. Any reason this is not a good choice? Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 16GB (Wi-Fi), Smoky...
  6. Mr Phantom

    Use any tablet with enough memory and processor

    I know theres tons of threads about tablets and i have asked this question in those threads but haven't got an answer, so i figure maybe i need to start a new thread to be sure my question gets noticed? Anyway, can i use any Android tablet as long as it has enough memory and a fast enough...