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  1. S

    *SOLD* FS: Inspire 1 Pro and 2nd transmitter

    Selling a low hour Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro with Zenmuse X5 with all original accessories and case. Also including an additional transmitter and TB48 battery. It's been used for about 5 hours of total flight time, with the second transmitter being used only 2-3 times ever. No crashes, hard landings...
  2. S

    Inspire 1's for sale plus extras

    Updated as one of the inspires sold so there is only one left and lots of extras! ________________________________________________________________________ Everything is in great condition and explained below. Costs are listed for each item or for everything together. If you contacted me...
  3. 5280aerials

    Zenmuse X5 camera/gimbal for sale

    I recently unexpectedly upgraded to the Inspire 2 and I'm now parting out my Inspire 1. This X5 camera comes with the DJI 15mm f1.7 lens and includes the gimbal. Used under a dozen times so it is in near new condition. $1250 plus shipping. ALL SOLD Also selling 3 TB-48 batteries, $100/ea. and...
  4. C

    TB47 not charging

    Hey everyone, (warning: wall of text) I recently bought an Inspire 1 with three TB47s. The seller had them stored away for 4 months or so. One was swollen up a bit (it felt slightly soft on the sides), so I didn't try using that one at all. The other two turn on just fine (Showing very low...
  5. B

    DJI Inspire Batteries: TB47

    I have two, brand new TB 47 batteries for sale. Looking for $150 each, shipped ground in the continental us. [email protected]
  6. B

    Unusual Battery Issue

    Hi I have not used my Inspire for two weeks. It's discharged to about 50%. I put the 4 batteries on the charger hub, and the indicators on the hub go green, but the batteries stay uncharged. If I try without the hub all batteries flash as if they will charge twice then all lights go out. All...
  7. AlexanderAF

    Inspire 1 Crashed

    It's a sad day for me. After a year and over 200 flights, my Inspire 1 finally bit the dust. I flew it in the mountains and went behind a peak. It lost signal, turned around, and went right into the peak trying to return to its owner. I've listed the Inspire 1 for parts here: DJI Inspire 1 For...
  8. S

    Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Heavy Hitting Production Kit!

    I have an absolutely prime condition Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Tilt Production Kit for sale. Craft, Camera, Filters, 3 - 64 gb cards, 3 Controllers (one never used) 10 batteries, 2 iPad Mini's, Smart Power Charger System + Four 180w chargers (can charge 8 batteries, 2 controllers and 2 tablets in...
  9. alex ascencio

    QR Props and TB-47 Battery for Sale

    Trying to get rid of a couple things I no longer use for the I1. I have 4 pairs of original QR props + the hardware (mounts) for them. asking $45 I also have a new, refurbished by DJI, TB-47 battery as well for $150. I will post pictures soon. Located in Aurora IL if interested in local...
  10. alex ascencio

    WTB- Battery

    Looking to buy an extra battery if anyone has one available for a discounted price. Let me know. Paypal would be used.