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tb47 battery

  1. Advexure

    **NEW** TB47 Battery Sale - $139

    Hi All – We have a special offer for the InspirePilots forum to purchase BRAND NEW Inspire 1 TB47 batteries at a special promotional price of $139/battery. These batteries are brand new in their original retail packaging. $139/per includes free shipping within the US. Full DJI warranty from...
  2. Zorok42

    Looking for new cells for TB47 battery

    I am trying to find new cells to replace the ones in a TB47 battery. I know that the individual cells have a voltage of 3.7V and individual mAH of 2250. From what I can find the battery has a C rating of 10 which gives it a discharge amperage of 45 so 22.5 amps per cell. the dimensions of the...