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    Quick Guide to Photo/Video Shooting in Autumn

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hi all, I have listed some tips when capturing drone footage during the Fall season. The guide talks about PL filters, sensors, trees, birds and LUTS in the link above. Hopefully some of you might find useful. Thanks...
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    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Hello fellow dronists! I made a short guide full of tips when travelling with your drone. I organized the tips into stages such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just make content a bit more digestable. Feel free to give your own advice to help those who are looking to travel in the...
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    First Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned

    Hey drone flyers! I tried out my very first wedding video plus it's fully shot by drone. I did it for free as my friend asked me to, but because of that I couldn't really give directions to people as to what I wanted them to do or where to go. I listed the things that I learned and hopefully...
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    How To: 55 Epic Cinematic Drone Moves/Techniques Tutorial, Controls/Tips, Landscapes/POIs, 4K

    Hey all, I made a tutorial/how-to video of 55 aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative after learning a bit of the technical side from the 55 clips. It’s my 7th day flying the Mavic...
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    Inspire 2 Settings for Smooth Flight and Video Control

    Now that we're starting to receive the I2's. I'm looking for some advice.. I'm a bit new to video capture on a drone, but want to learn the proper way to keep my video looking smooth and professional. For example, it appears to me that the Yaw speed it quite fast. It's great for flying and...
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    The cause of >99% of flyaways [ some productive tips & argument]

    Pilots in DJI's forum has provided some productive tips for safe flying concluded from real crashes or some accidents.. points like ground level wind speed being deceiving, inappropriate situations for GPS locking, take off too fast without pre-flight etc.. Also found some productive argument...