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  1. R

    Olympus 9mm - 18 mm and Gimbal Hum

    I notice that when I turn on the I2, once the gimbal settles there is a large vibration and hum for about 10 seconds. Coincidentally there is no live picture being sent to the app during that time. Then the sound and vibration stop the the exact moment I get a live picture. Here is a quick...
  2. M

    loose motor

    I recently developed a case of the jellos very suddenly and now all my video footage is pretty much useless. Visibly and sonically as far as I can tell when the bird is running all looks well, but upon closer inspection the rear left motor seems to have a little "shimmy" or play from side to...
  3. FranMan

    PLEASE HELP!!! Inspire 1 X5 horrible vibrations (URGENT!!!)

    I have recently been having some issues with my X5 Camera on my Inspire 1. It has this horrible vibration that won't go away no matter what I do unless I firmly hold camera, then the vibration goes away. The weird thing is, that the issue does not occur on the Osmo whatsoever... I've tried using...
  4. K

    Inspire 1 + X5 Harmonic Oscillation Problem (Not from T-Joints) [Must read]

    Hi I've been lurking here for some time now. Got my Inspire 1 pro for aerial photo- and videowork in 10/2016. First problem was after total of 2hrs of flight I noticed one motor was making a clicking sound when rotating. While running without props on a table it vibrated audibly and the table...