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video transmission issues

  1. D

    Inspire 2 Recording Stops and Video Transmission is Lost

    So I have been having this issue for about a week now where my I2 will take off fine and be able to fly but randomly disconnects the video feed. I can still fly the bird and, just cant see any video. After about 15 seconds or so the video feed pops back on almost as if the gimbal is rebooting...
  2. ehcropydoc

    Inspire 1 - AOG - major image transmission issues. (v01.11.01.50 a possible fix?)

    We are having major image transmission issues with one of our Inspire 1 units to the point where is is not airworthy at this time and is grounded (AOG). Upon startup, the camera initializes normally but then after a few seconds, begins to completely drop the signal including green lines, black...