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  1. R

    Battery Voltage Difference too large.

    Got this message yesterday. "Battery Voltage Difference too large". Look down and saw that 1 battery was at 85% and the other at 8%. I was only 20 ft in the air so I brought it down in front of me to land and then the error went away and they both went back to 85%. I let it hover for 10...
  2. nadim

    voltage down what do you think ?

    Hello Friends i didn't use my inspire1 for more than one month because i couldn't charge them down until i got my new inspire1 from dji after the first one went down in the sea . so they replaced mine . so when i tested the new isnspire1 with the old batteries i get the voltage on all of them...
  3. V

    Inspire 1 battery charging profiles

    Hello folks, I'm building an automated charger that will charge up to 8 (inspire batteries and/or remotes). It is based on an arduino that controls relays and monitors the voltage, current and power taken by the battery been charged. Note this is a sequential charger and uses the standard 100W...