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  1. phamousphilmz

    Waiver Safety Questions

    Im applying for a waiver to fly my Inspire2 over a downtown area. The city has asked "Has your UAS has been tested to determine what injury level may occur if the aircraft were to hit a human being?" I reached out to DJI who says they do not release that information to the public. Has anyone...
  2. S

    USA Flying over people COA

    Has anyone here ever submitted an application for flying over people waiver? To the best of my knowledge CNN is the only company who has had one approved- or at least listed on the FFA's website. (Side note: Do they really list every approved request? I'd assume there would be more approved by...
  3. RemotePilot101

    Approved Airspace Authorization!

    So the FAA to date has only approved 81 airspace authorizations. I’m proud to say we’re one of those. Nearly 1,000 have been submitted yet the FAA is throwing out 90% of them! In this quick video I show the authorization and detail the steps we took to make it happen.
  4. ADT

    USA 107.29 Daylight operation waiver

    For the night flight waiver one of the performance based standards is that the sUA needs to be seen at a distance of 3 statute miles (unless a system is in place that can avoid all non-participating aircraft). So, are people adding strobe lights? or are the developing systems to avoid...