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water damage

  1. OneEyeOpen

    LCI or an episode with DJI Service about a "water damaged" battery – and why you should care

    Please see original thread – Legal aspects of DJI service – at the DJI forum. Summary My Inspire 1 RAW fell out of the sky from 174.5m for no obvious reason. I was flying about the 30th flight in a weeks course at a deserted and very dry sandy area in the North-African Sahara when it happened...
  2. World Media

    Camera Dipped in Water ( X3)

    So It was inevitable, I fly close to water a lot, I'm always around water and the scenes I am commissioned to film include a lot of water. Filming in a beautiful Location on the South Coast of Jamaica. As a film maker that uses a drone ( have been doing for six years) as an amazing additional...
  3. jon b

    Fresh Water Damaged Inspire

    So it had to happen eventually... If you look at the videos I've posted over the year, a fair number of them were flow over water with no issues. Till last week that is. The AC went down from approximately 2 ft, on the shore of a freshwater pond. I knicked a branch and the AC rolled into...
  4. GarryS

    Loss of control from RC

    Hi, new here and I wish I wasn't posting this. Only had my I1 for a few days - lots of test flights, and no problems. Yesterday at a local park - did all the pre-flight checks, hit the takeoff btn, it lifts off and hovers, then no response from the RC. Quickly hit the land btn. It started to...
  5. P

    Crashed my Inspire 1 (I'm a fool)

    First of all..sorry for my poor english.. It was the weekend so i have plenty of time to fly around with 3 fully charged battery pack. Everything when smoothly as planned, outdoor angle, indoor angle. Done! went back home to check the footage and **** i forgot to take off the ND filter off when...