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  1. ElectricLife

    Italy by Drone - Short Reel

    Featuring: Pisa, Milan, Sacra di S Michele, South Tyrol, Passo San Marco, Lake Maggiore, Sardegna, architecture and much more. All footage shot with DJI Drones.
  2. rdweaver

    Winter from the air

    I put this video together from clips I shot with my Inspire 1 and Osmo, on a snow day. Check it out if you have 30 seconds!
  3. Chris F

    Flynn Media Productions - 2016 Aerial Film Reel

    Hey everyone, over the last 5 months I have had the opportunity to work on some very cool projects that will be getting released in the Fall. Here is a reel I have put together containing mostly B-role all shot with the Inspire 1 and X3 single operator - Hope you enjoy and make sure you watch in...
  4. D

    "Blue moment" Low light winter film from Finland

    Hey everyone! I´m quite new here. Check out my freezing and magical film from cold northern Europe:cool: "Blue Moment". Low light winter aerial filming in Kokkola, Finland. Temperature around -12 Celsius (10,4 Fahrenheit). DJI Inspire 1. Let me know what you think and please like/share...
  5. J

    No snow in Switzerland

    Hi, Here is my first vid realeased on InspirePilots, I hope you will enjoy it ! Shot in Switzerland. Best regards !