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x3 camera inspire 1

  1. C

    Dji Inspire 1 Repairs Europe

    Hi, Can someone recommend me a place to repair my Dji Inspire 1 drone in Europe? Preferably someone who has used their services and has good experience overall with the repair.
  2. TransArctic

    DJI GO not connecting Inspire 1, when using a particular TB48 battery.

    When using one of my TB48 batteries, DJIGO app won’t connect with the Inspire 1. When this happens, I remove, inspect and put the gimbal back on - making sure it’s all very clean, etc., then restart the Inspire 1- but to no avail. However when I replace the battery (in question) with another...
  3. Reno775

    X3 mounting plate

    DJI Inspire 1 X3 Gimbal Mount and Mounting Plate | eBay I can end the auction if interested. US shipping only.