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x3 gimbal

  1. T

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro camera/gimbal options

    Hello all, I'm certain that this question has been answered before, but a search has not produced the results I'm looking for. I've just acquired an I1 V2 Pro that was originally equipped with an X5 camera/gimbal and Olympus lens. Right now the socket is empty. My question, besides the very...
  2. ferrarod

    Inspire 1 V2 Package!

    Hey everyone - Sorry that my first post is to sell something, but excited to be a part of the community regardless. Looking to sell my Inspire 1 V2 package. Buyer will pay shipping (contiguous 48). Set includes: I1 v2 Drone X3 w/ PolarPro filters X5 w/15mm 3 Batteries ~25-30 cycles 2 Remotes...
  3. LuRoyale

    **CHEAP DJI X3 Camera $450 OBO

    We just replaced both of our inspires with X5 camera so thought I would offer these to you guys before we listed them on eBay. Use as an Inspire 1 or OSMO Replacement camera :) IMG_4993 by LuRoyale posted Mar 31, 2016 at 9:17 PM
  4. V

    Looking for flat ribbon cable for X3 camera damaged

    I am looking for a replacement cable for my Inspire X3 camera, can any one help? It seems to be impossible to locate, I see ones available for Phantoms but none for the Inspire. Not keen sending it away for 6 plus weeks.
  5. D

    2 broken X3 gimbal/cameras

    I have 2 non-operational X3 gimbals for sale. One has a gimbal that broke because of a crash: the cabling is broken. The second X3 apparently was sunk in water and the seller from whom I bought it didn't disclose that. So, I suppose it is possible to make a complete one out of the 2. Shoot me an...
  6. Matt_1868

    Shaky Image and Loud Buzzing when Moving Laterally (X3)

    Hi: I have been flying an Inspire 1 since September 2015 and recently ran in to an issue with the image quality when moving laterally in either direction (the most sever image distortion occurs when moving laterally to the left) near and up to 100% stick application. After noticing this issue...
  7. R

    Looking to buy a crash/broken X3 gimbal to get one part

    Hi All I'm looking for a crashed/broken gibal to source a part that DJI does want to supply. Its a ribbon cable that is found on the camera side that connects it to the last motor. The printed info on it is: WM610 GIMBAL SYSTEM FPC PART4 V3 KW 1506 See the attached picture. Thanx
  8. J

    X3 Yaw Servo Tough To Turn....Gimbal Overload Warning

    Anyone ever ran into a tough to turn X3 yaw on their gimbal?? Mine does not seem to be loose even at still state. It loosens up if you spin it back and forth manually for a few seconds but then stiffens back up again. It makes then video and photos very shaky and unusable while flying. Now I get...