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  1. Alex G

    **SOLD****Inspire 2, ProRes & Cinema DNG, x4s & x5s, 2-Controllers.**FINAL RATE $4000

    I have a great condition Inspire 2 fully loaded with Apple Pro Res and Cinema DNG (only missing the SSD drive). 6 sets of batteries, x5s with 15mm, 25mm & 45mm lenses with Polar Pro Filters, x4s (great for mapping with mechanical shutter), 2 Controllers All the chargers, extra set of props...
  2. JimJ

    DJI Matrice 210 RTK V1

    Excellent condition M210 v1 RTK. $5500 USD Located in Central Massachusetts USA Comes With: M210RTK V1 Airframe with GPC Case 2 complete sets of props Cendence Controller with 4 Hawks Antenna Panel also have original Cendence antennas Crystalsky(not ultrabright) Upward Gimbal Mount RTK Base...
  3. Alex G

    **SOLD**Inspire 2 with Apple Pro Res, 2 Controllers and 2 Cameras ***FINAL RATE $4000* + Shipping

    Selling our Inspire 2 with the apple pro res and cinema DNG with everything in the pictures . X5S & X4S Cameras. X5s has 3 lenses 15mm, 25mm & 45mm. 6 total battery sets. Located in Miami or you will need to pay for shipping. Looking for $4500. [email protected] Both x4s and x5s...
  4. R

    ** For sale - UK ** Inspire 2 for sale - Good condition

    Hi all, We have a nice fully-operational Inspire 2 for sale. After 4 years of light use (thermal surveys and some aerial imagery of the solar farms we maintain), we have decided to move away from this platform onto one that enables us to use an integrated payload. It currently has 34 hours on...
  5. UAVEX

    Ultimate M210 Package - Mint - Inspire 1 + XT + Z-30 + Cendence + Battery Station

    UAV Exploration is doing some spring cleaning and to make room in our workshop we are offering the following ultimate drone inspection package. This MINT condition, turnkey, comprehensive package includes both a DJI M210 as well as a DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 and absolutely everything required for...
  6. czadra-OA

    Want to buy X4S

    Didn't know they were discontinued and don't want to spend twice as much on an X5S!
  7. Advexure

    WTB Zenmuse X4S Camera

    Looking to buy a Zenmuse X4S Camera. Good, like new, or new condition only. –Matt
  8. D

    X5S for DJI inspire 2 Wanted

    Wanting to see if anyone has a dji Zenmuse x5s camera for the I2 they would like to sell? If so let me know. Wanting to upgrade from the x4s.
  9. I

    Perfect condition I2 Turnkey dual operator setup, 8 Lipos, X4S & X5S, Olympus 45mm, GPC Case, 7” CS

    Selling due to lack of use. $6500 obo. Local pickup in Gainesville, FL or PayPal and ship on your dime. Complete RTF setup! Ready to work. 4 sets of lipos in great shape. Low hours. Comes with brand new, never used X5S and Olympus 45mm lens as well as a mint X4S. $600 GoProfessional case. I am...
  10. RobH2

    Camera Test: Inspire2 X4 VS Mavic Platinum

    I tested my two drone cameras today. I wanted to compare my Inspire2 X4S and my Mavic Platinum. My backyard is a great subject because there are a lot of textures in close proximity, grass, wood grain, leaves, brick and then I added the printed page test target that had about 5 sizes of text...
  11. dkotinsky

    For Sale- X4S

    Bought for backup, Only used once to test out, make sure it works. I have Phantom 4 Pro to use as backup, dont really need this anymore. Immaculate. Works Perfect. Comes with leather box and camera. Email me [email protected] $475 , Paypal only
  12. G

    Dji Inspire X5R trade for Inspire 2 X4S

    Hi guys, I have an Inspire 1 with X5R, I would be open to offers, or a straight swap for Inspire 2 with X4S camera. The kit included is listed below: Dji Inspire 1 X5R camera 2 x 512GB cards, Card reader for computer 2 TB 47 Batteries Smart charger Multi charger 2 sets of props 2 x...
  13. Z

    DJI Inspire 2 Controller and X4S Camera

    For Sale: Both in Excellent condition and fully functional. Paypal. Will ship to Verified Shipping Address Only. Located in Springfield, MA - DJI Inspire 2 Controller w/ Tablet Mount and GPS - $330 USD - DJI X4S Camera w/ Box - $375 USD
  14. E

    X4s nearly brand new

    I have a X4s Camera for the inspire 2 for sale 525 USD Plus Paypal fee I'll ship to the USA for free.
  15. R

    How to make inspire 2 control like other quads

    *how can I make camera yaw with drone yaw?* Hey guys, I recently got my inspire 2. since I am a new single operator I am trying to figure out how to make the quad handle like a phantom 4 etc in which the quads yaw rotates the camera instead of using C1 or C2. I tried follow mode(?) but it...
  16. RobH2

    X4S Panorama Image Sample

    I've been teetering on whether to purchase an X5S and all the expensive accessories required. I will at some point but I've been disappointed by the sample images people have posted. Most of them do not bode well for the image quality of the X5S. I've been a professional advertising photographer...
  17. 3

    Wanting to get the inspire 2 next month but worried about bugs still.

    Hello everyone new to this Forum and posted something similar to what I'm asking now over at the DJI Forum but not to many responses. Anyways i'm coming from a Q5004k and wanting to step into the inspire club but with the x4s as that's what my budget says lol. A couple of questions. Also this is...
  18. K

    h.264 vs h.265 - Realistic differences

    From what I have researched so far, the major improvement between h.264 and h.265 is the greater efficiency by which the same level of detail from a h.264 video is 40-50% smaller in file size when recorded in h.265. Simple enough - file sizes will decrease whilst maintaining image quality or...
  19. J

    X4S- Dust on Sensor ?

    Does any one have problems with Dust on sensor with the X4S ? I wouldn't see how Dust could get to the sensor. But i have a feeling i have the problem .. Any tips how to solve it ? Thanks ju
  20. A

    X4 for Mapping/Orthophotography

    Has anyone tested the X4 for mapping/orthophoto creation yet?