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x5 4k

  1. S

    panasonic vs olympus

    hey guys, wanted to know your impressions on the lens sharpness, wich one is better (my bet is with the panasonic), I´m buying a wide and long focal lenght and wanted to know wich one is the best! Olympus 45mm f1.8 vspanasonic 42.5mm f1.7 DOES THE OPTICALL IMAGE STILIZATION WORKS ON THE X5 to...
  2. S

    Inspire 1 v1 vs v2.0 (Is there a real difference?)

    Hey guys! I will be a future inspire owner, since my phantom 3 4k is no longer enough for me since I need the most cinemtics shots possible ( My use for drone is commercial only) and I almost everytime crash trying to get the most cinematic shot possible on my P3 haha, so A Inspire is needed...
  3. J

    Osmo Pro 15mm/X5 Adapter with Extra Batteries! $2000.00

    Have the Osmo with the x5 and the adapter with about 6 batteries. We ended up buying a DJI Ronin. Only used 4 times.
  4. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Discussion about a post processing and video editing.

    Olá pessoal, gostaria de criar um espaço para os pilotos(as) brasileiros que tem interesse em aprender um pouco mais sobre pós-processamento e edição de vídeo com softwares mais avançados. Este tópico será focado em edição de vídeo com alguns dos principais do mercado: Adobe Premiere CC Pro(CS6)...
  5. B

    Looking to hire Syracuse area FAA certified Inspire pilots

    Headed to Rome & Ithaca New York next week to film two paid jobs (August 27-28 in Rome, August 30-31 in Ithaca) and we're looking to hire either an Inspire pilot comfortable and skilled at operating the X5 while flying or a two man team, one operating the Inspire, the other controlling the...
  6. N

    USA Looking for Talented Inspire Pilots

    Hi there, My name is Nile Berry and I run a production company (Marvel Vision) that focuses on the needs of architects, designers and developers. I'm looking to hire a few talented Inspire pilots in and around the NYC area. We are looking for the best and, as a result, pay far better than the...
  7. T

    Will be buying X5 + Osmo: So Inspire 1 or Phantom 4?

    I just want to make sure I'm considering all the pertinent factors here. First of all let me establish that I'll be purchasing the X5 camera + Osmo handle for run and gun style video shooting. I have also been planning a drone purchase for a while - at this point also to be used for more run and...
  8. Gregg Smith

    TTZ Bass Tournament Lake Travis 4-2-16

  9. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Kit for Sale Great Condition Like New $3200

  10. LuRoyale

    **CHEAP DJI X3 Camera $450 OBO

    We just replaced both of our inspires with X5 camera so thought I would offer these to you guys before we listed them on eBay. Use as an Inspire 1 or OSMO Replacement camera :) IMG_4993 by LuRoyale posted Mar 31, 2016 at 9:17 PM
  11. M

    Inspire one Judder help

    Hi, guys and gals, just wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem i have been having with the inspire x5 combo since purchase, basically when shooting in 4k im noticing that with panning and any sort of movement i am getting a judddering effect from the camera, almost like the video...
  12. P

    X5 4k footage on a racing razor

    So my buddy wants to do a promotional video for his razor and I did some test footage for him over the weekend. (the camera operator had his first ever go at following it) this was shot at 4k 24 fps. just wanted to test out that FPS for it. The lens was also on manual focus ( the switch on...