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Inspire one Judder help

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by Michaelcvc, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Michaelcvc

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Hi, guys and gals, just wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem i have been having with the inspire x5 combo since purchase, basically when shooting in 4k im noticing that with panning and any sort of movement i am getting a judddering effect from the camera, almost like the video looks like its buffering.
    its not the sd card as thats the higest spec micro sd money can buy, its not the gimbal tested other gimbals, its coming straight form the raw footage from the micro sd, its not the pc as i have tried 4 diffrenet spec pcs and its the same on all. and its also not the settings as my shutter is always no slower than double the frame rate.
    I sent the craft back to heliguy as i was so blown away with how big this problem is and they have said there is no problem with the craft whatsoever and no problem with the camera and its an issue with 4k in genereal.
    we also have the same issue with a pansaonic GH4 on our S900 and its driving me mental. Any help would be greatly appriciated and ill be sure to include some links below to outline what the problem is. thanks in advance for anyone that has any idea.

    P.S Also tried changing to 30p for more fps to no avail

    GH4 Example

    Dji Inspire X5 example- notice it on the second shot as were flying backwards away from the house.
  2. The Editor

    The Editor Moderator
    Staff Member

    Aug 7, 2013
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    If you are experiencing this on other cameras (GH4 etc) I think we need to know your exact workflow.
    How are you setting the camera up to shoot?
    Frame Rate
    Shutter rate
    What are your project setting in your NLE?
    Timeline timecode - frame rate etc
    What are your export setting from the NLE?
    Codec, frame rate, bitrate etc
  3. Michaelcvc

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Hi, thanks for responding so quickly, okay so my work flow is as follows.

    The x5 camera is set to infinity focus and normally the focus is calibrated each time we fly, the ISO is always as low as we can possibly get it and normally always on 100, the shutter speed is always no lower than 1/60th as we are shooting in 30fps to try to get more frames for smooth motion, we tried 24p at no lower than 1/50th also.
    aperture is dependent on what we want in or out of focus and we shoot in cine d with no style on the video whatsoever so its nice and flat.
    footage comes off micro SD San-disk 95mbs card and straight into my IMac, footage appears juddery on vlc and QuickTime and my other windows PC.
    The Footage is then imported onto the computer and then dragged into premiere pro so premiere will match sequence settings with the footage. The 4k footage is then downscaled within premire to 1080 so scale of clip is reduced to 50% (we do this as its slightly improved our gh4 footage)
    general order editing etc is done and then color graded with magic bullet looks.
    once the video is edited we then hit file export and go onto export settings
    export settings are as follows
    format is h.264
    preset is 1080p 29.97
    frame rate 29.97
    field order progressive
    aspect square pixels 1.0
    Tv standard NTSC
    Profile High
    level 4.2
    Render at maximum depth is selected
    bitrate encoding is on CBR
    and target bitrate is on 50
    render at maximum reender quality is ticked
    file is named and then i click export.

    seems when we select VBR 1 or VBR 2 and increase the bit rate is plays even worse and from my very slim understanding it basically increases the quality and clarity of the video but also then increases the requirements of the player as well.
    Any more info needed please let me know
  4. Pablo Betancourt

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Any news on this? I'm getting the same issue