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  1. dpwarren

    SOLD: Inspire 1 v2.0 with GPC Case

    Decided to sell the Inspire 1 and all of the accessories. Some I will sell separate. Used for larger real estate work on ranches. I just don't have time to shoot the big stuff anymore. This aircraft has been immaculately kept and has never had a hard landing, crash or even touched anything in...
  2. Rocco Z

    $450 bid Osmo Pro Add-On Kit (Focus, Z-axis, iPad, batteries, more)

    eBay Link: DJI Osmo X5 PRO Add-on Kit + iPad Mini2 + Z-Axis + Focus + X5 Adapter + Batts... | eBay The perfect Inspire 1 Pro add-on kit: turn your X5 into a workhorse handheld stabilized gimbal system. Pull focus, walk/run, and view on an iPad monitor for cinema-quality stabilized footage. We...
  3. S

    Flat Data Cable for Z-Axis

    Does anyone happen to know the specs on the FFC (flat flexible cable) that runs through the interior of the Z-Axis? DJI does not seem to want to provide the cable, even to their authorized repair locations. So, I am looking elsewhere. Looks like a pretty standard HDMI 20 pin. Thanks in advance...
  4. D

    Osmo Z-axis spring replacement for X5

    Anyone experimented replacing the spring in the Z-axis for X5 usage and if yes: where can I order it? Expected this issue to pop-up but didn't see anything about it yet. Removal of the standard spring worked but wasn't able to find a replacement one. Appreciate your help/thoughts! Tks Theo
  5. Phil-RCGeeks

    Osmo and Z-Axis combo

    Got my hands on the Z-Axis last week so thought i'd do some test footage with it for you guys.... I did a full write up on the product as well if you're interested. But in short, my honest opinion.... if you put in the time and effort, you can achieve the same results without the z-axis than...