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z3 camera

  1. adwb

    Inspire one with extras for sale

    Inspire 1v2 with 6 batteries one brand new never used two controllers extra 3 port charger original charger 2 sets of blades ,one set brand new lillyput hdmi monitor for second controller x5 camera mount 1 x X3 camera 1 x Z3 camera brand new Nd filter set high intensity strobe lights fitted...
  2. Paul Jacques

    UK Zenmuse Z3

    just thought I would alert anyone who was looking for a Z3 that Wex Photo Video are currently selling them for £699 - cheaper than most UK sellers.
  3. 1

    Inspire 1 Pro Black / Litchi / Z3 No FPV

    Has anyone had any luck using this combo? I cannot get the FPV to work with the Z3 and Litchi? According DJI my Z3 has the latest FW and the X3 will work with FPV just not the Z3. All items work fine with DJI Go. Thank you.
  4. George Brown

    INSPIRE 1 T600 with Z3 Zoom Camera and Osmo + Camera

    Inspire 1 Air Frame with X3 Camera Remote Control Unit 2 x TB 48 Batteries 1 x TB 47Battery Charger Charging Hub 1 New Set of Quick Connect Props and 1 x Used. Case Included for Inspire DJI OSMO+ Plus Handheld OSMO 4K Camera Stabilizer Gimbal 3-Axis Gimbal Charger and 2 x High Capacity...
  5. Adamastor

    Inspire 1v1 - upgrade to 1v2 with components or buy new?

    Hey there everyone I have sort of "outgrown" my standard Inspire 1v1 with X3 camera, which is about 16 to 18 months old. My needs actually call for a Z3 camera (zoom) and most likely an XT camera (thermal) too, in the near future. 1. Do I upgrade my I1v1 with the I1v2 ESCs, motors, 1345T...
  6. J

    Litchi video problem Z3

    I am needing waypoint software for my m100. I tested my m100/SlantRange/Z3 on DJI GO App without any problems. It works great to manually fly, but the waypoint feature is bogus. I purchased Litchi and read up on it before installation. I actually uninstalled DJI GO App just to make sure...