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zenmuse x5r

  1. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD: X5R with a 512GB SSD and card reader

    I am parting the X5R from the Inspire 1 Pro kit I have listed for sale. Camera is in perfect shape and works flawlessly. It became our backup camera for our X5 since not many jobs required 4k raw video. Has only been flown a handful of times. Lens is NOT included. Kit includes: Zenmuse X5R...
  2. MrLaw10

    Does Zenmuse X5R camera transfer to Inspire 2

    We are presently looking at purchasing the Inspire 1 with that camera (does RAW) but we can't find out if in a year we wanted to move up to the Inspire 2 that we could mount the camera on that new bird. Anyone know?
  3. david cox

    New Zenmuse 512GB SSD Card and 15mm Lens for sale

    Hi All You X5R and X5 Owners, Have a brand new 512GB SSD Card and brand new DJI15mm Lens for sale. Surplus to requirements. They are on eBay, but happy to discount further to Members. Card: £599 inc VAT Lens: £449 inc VAT You can contact me via my company, Superduck Ltd. Email...
  4. M

    Inspire 5R question about SSD and clients

    Hey guys and gals, I was planning on purchasing a new Inspire Pro with the Zenmuse x5R camera for a few upcoming projects. However, I was just wondering how is everybody handling getting the raw footage to clients after a shoot? My understanding is that you can only download the footage into...
  5. L

    Zenmuse X5R: Gamechanger

    DJI has been a little "hit or miss" lately, but the X5R looks to be a true game changer. After only using it for 20 minutes, it is clear that this is a huge step up from the X5. The image quality is simply stunning. Compared to the X5...it's day and night. This is the camera setup I have...