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Hi , I take it pay. you via paypal SHIPPED OVERNIGHT to Miami, I need it. on Friday to work

Best regards,

I live just North of Fresno, I'm an ex crop duster so I do know a little about the business. Family are also farmers.
Witaj, trafiłem na post gdzie pisałeś, że przyjaciel walczy z bateriami do ispire 1. Udało mu się przeprogramować tę elektronikę i podmienić cele na pakiety Lipo ? Wgryzam się w ten temat ale może ktoś to już rozwiązał. Chętnie kupię. Pozdrawiam Roger
Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just after some advice.. Is the Cendence S controller (the one that works with the M200 ) compatible with the Inspire 2. I'm looking at purchasing one but not sure if its compatible.
Can anyone here confirm please.
Would you consider selling only the battery station and what's the lowest you can go on that? Thank you.
In Danny McGee's latest video, he kicks things off by showcasing a new short FPV film.

He then goes on to talk about the best FPV drone under 250 grams that was used to shoot the video.

Daymon, am I reading that you put Matric 100 motors on the Inspire? Twenty five minutes flight times for Inspire are incredible. Is there another thread with details?
Hi Moderator-
Relatively new, but would like to post to classifieds. I understand I have to have at least 10 posts, but seems arbitrary to make them up just to meet the threshold. Would you allow me to list my Inspire1 V2? Solid drone with tons of extras. Just want to pass it along to someone that can get more use of out it.

Hey, this is Pete, I have an Air 2 Flymore and a Air 2S Flymore for trade towards an Inspire 1 Pro w/ X5. I'm responding to your message on my post.

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