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Donnie Frank
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  • Hi Donnie, I ran across some of your posts and I need to downgrade my Inspire 1 v2 with the x5r camera so that its can actually be functional again. Could you suggest to me what app, aircraft version and RC Version and camera version to use to get the most out of it. Right now its a hunk of non flying junk. I sure would appreciate it. Do you know where I can find the firmware as well> Thanks in advance. -Dean
    Hi Donnie,
    I have a question about camera error 01 on Inspire 1 v2 Zenmuse X3. Have you ever had any issue like that after firmware roll back or update?
    Thanks Thouy
    Hey Donnie!
    I watched your video about Unbricking my Inspire 1 with the "Magic Key".
    Followed your instructions and VOILA!!
    The bird turns into a regular disco party of lights and noises.
    Alas, I'm back to a solid red light and constant buzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    I guess it updated everything to the point where I've been in Firmware update hell.
    Are you still around ?
    [email protected]
    Hi: Would love to talk to you about your Inspire/Ipad crashes with Autopilot, Greytail
    Donnie Frank
    Donnie Frank
    Sure. What would you like to know?
    Hdonnie. Soy martin, como seria lo del vuelo sobre las canchas de golf?. Aca en argentina no se realiza seria bueno poder implementarlo. Me informarias mas?. Muchas gracias
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