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  • hey everything ok. didn't hear back from you. i still need that arm and a frame cage looks like a spider. let me know please thanks.
    Would u pls let me no if u get a camera for Inspire 1 T600
    Don’t care about major quality
    Just want it for my own videos
    Do u no if I can use dji goggles with this drone
    How do I get FPV on it

    Total newb
    Guy traded all this stuff with t600 I have no idea what all this is
    Lots of stuff
    Maybe we can trade for a camera I need
    I can send pics
    Text me pls for pics
    I can sell you the cap and the arm it bolts to for $50 shipped. Caps should be the same right or left. I only have the right arm though.
    I just looked again.It has 4 on the bottom but one of them is covered by a sticker. Do you need right or left when looking from the front
    Hey, I'm looking to replace the plastic bar clamp on my inspire pro. Its the clamp that has the 4 screws on top and 3 on the bottom that holds the arm bar to the other armbar. Do you have one for sale? If not do you know where I can find on. Just need the plastic clamp and not the bar. Thanks!!!
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