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Recent content by CoastalBird

  1. CoastalBird

    USA LAANC Authorizations in Active Regions

    I use Airmap. It works well, and it's free. The grid overlays are especially helpful in planning flights with clients.
  2. CoastalBird

    How to compete?

    It's been this way in the greater video production business for a long time. Over the past couple of decades, I've heard lots of grumbling from established companies who get caught up in a race to the bottom with cheaper/newfangled outfits. Typically, they don't do much about it but continue to...
  3. CoastalBird

    Easiest, high-quality drone to intercut with Sony FS7 a7S etc.?

    Another vote for the Alexa/X7 combo. If your work can't pay off a full-blown cinema Inspire 2 setup with full lens kit for the X7 in the next year or so, I'd say you should rent it instead.
  4. CoastalBird

    USA Struggling For Work

    OMG! That's terrible.
  5. CoastalBird

    Any tips for flying indoors?

    Another thing to consider - large ceiling fans ("Big ***" Fans are a brand that comes to mind) are often installed inside factories and other large spaces. They may look like they are only spinning slowly, but their vortex is considerable, even a great distance away.
  6. CoastalBird

    The Future of Commercial UAV?

    Well, I guess this puts me in the minority, but I'm not afraid to say that I'm not flying for fun. Drones are a tool that provide additional drama in the stories that I tell. That's the fun part - not defying a hole in a tree that I can squeak through because it's enjoyable to do it, or I get...
  7. CoastalBird

    The Future of Commercial UAV?

    Everyone has access to a word processing program on their computer. Not everyone is Mark Twain. Everyone has a camera of some sort. Not everyone is Cecil B. DeMille. Quality equipment ownership is just part of the equation of what makes a successful commercial enterprise. It's much more...
  8. CoastalBird

    Germany Any tips for operations in scyscrappers area?

    The other thing to look out for is people on the ground. Tall buildings are generally present in densely populated areas, and with the obstacles they present and variable winds often found among them, you should try to leave some extra room for error and unexpected gusts. Sounds like you were...
  9. CoastalBird

    Part 107 Exam..passed.

    Another happy RemotePilot101 customer here. I diligently followed all the lessons, and even reviewed a few of the more unfamiliar ones. After taking the test today, I pretty much agree with everything folks have said - study hard! On my test, I only had a few weather related questions, but it...
  10. CoastalBird

    The Truth About The Part 107 Written Test...

    No disclaimer needed from me for my endorsement here... I'm a straight-up customer who found out about the course on the forums here. FWIW, I purchased the course a few days ago, and I'm about half-way through. It's very good, and Jason is a solid instructor. I'm most helped by the lessons...
  11. CoastalBird

    Bad battery cell error

    Wish the 6-month policy was made more clear by DJI. That's a terrible warranty on an expensive battery. I've lost three now.
  12. CoastalBird

    Release Notes History

    Whoops! Scroll down, idiot. *talking to myself* :) Thanks!
  13. CoastalBird

    Release Notes History

    That's just the most current release notes for the current firmware version. I'm talking about a complete record of all firmware versions.
  14. CoastalBird

    Release Notes History

    Is there a comprehensive catalog of all Inspire 1 firmware release notes anywhere? It seems DJI gave up on their Wiki a long time ago.
  15. CoastalBird

    A Beautiful Day on the South Carolina Coast

    With the cooler temps and autumn light, it's time for the Inspire 1 to get out and exercise. We had a great day on the coast, and felt great about timing the tide just right.