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  • Daymon, am I reading that you put Matric 100 motors on the Inspire? Twenty five minutes flight times for Inspire are incredible. Is there another thread with details?
    Hi Damon - Ive just bought the battery mod adaptor for my Inspire1v2 Pro, and have trawled all 91 pages of this discussion, but I can't see any clear recommendations for Lipos. I would like to extend my 12 min flight time to perhaps 17 mins, but its mainly for redundancy. I am looking for a pair of v light 6S Lipos - do you have any suggestions?
    Could you please tell me how to get the extra battery pack set up on the Inspire? I use mine for aerial inspections and the benefit of what you have gained is impressive.

    Thank you!
    Hi damoncooper, I am aware that you fly often in Cape Cod, my question to you is would you be so kind to suggest to me where are the good places to fly in Cape Cod. I know that National Seashore beaches are no no, but there are many beaches that allow to fly quadcopters. I plan to go to the Cape on May 29th for a weekend. Thank you. Art
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