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Recent content by Firefly_AI

  1. Firefly_AI

    DJI flysafe Geo update and unlocking areas

    Thanks. Have two jobs tomorrow, so think it wise to get these done and dusted and then worry about the update. I'd rather get a test flight in following an update than just go straight into it. I also can't risk locking out anything for tomorrow...
  2. Firefly_AI

    DJI flysafe Geo update and unlocking areas

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Flying in UK. On latest FW (Inspire 1 Firmware v1.8.1.00). Downloaded the geo beta app on android and unlocked a restricted area (Coventry, Ryton). Area shows in the app as a valid unlock but when I go to arm the inspire, it says I am in a no-fly...
  3. Firefly_AI


    Nice, going to be giving this a go!
  4. Firefly_AI

    is there a way to disable email notifications for previous threads?

    I've turned off every notification under the sun and I still get bl**dy updates!
  5. Firefly_AI

    Inspire gone fishing

    I've used the rice method on my mobile when I dropped it in the toilet (don't ask...). I sealed it in a but and left it for two days and it worked fine for several months until I upgraded. That's gonna be a lot of rice and a big container for the I1!
  6. Firefly_AI

    Rambo in panties

    What the hell am I watching here? I mean seriously, who sat down and thought "you know what we need to do....." And what was with the women in bikinis? I'm all for a bit of scantily clan lasses and guns, though sometimes I despair.
  7. Firefly_AI

    grim experience, with my inspire

    Lucky landing there by the looks of it!
  8. Firefly_AI

    Commercial Insurance Companies PFAW UK

    Yes it covers them during operations. That's the point isn't it? ;) It covers them back at the office too, which is great because a lot of office insurance won't touch them!
  9. Firefly_AI

    Commercial Insurance Companies PFAW UK

    Right you are then: John Heath Insurance Brokers LLP Contact: Andrew Heath Telephone: 01270 252 252 Email: [email protected] www.johnheath.com http://www.johnheath.com/business-insurance/uav-insurance/ R J Kiln & Co Ltd http://www.kilngroup.com aaduki http://www.aaduki.com/ J. Bennett &...
  10. Firefly_AI

    Commercial Insurance Companies PFAW UK

    I go through John Heath/Coverdrone. I pay around £950 per year for £5,000,000 public liability and equipment cover.
  11. Firefly_AI

    Why commercial drone pilots don't need FAA License

    I've been through the UK testing and found it a fairly simple process as long as you put the work in. The pass rate for the flight test was about 2 out of 10 when I sat mine. Apparently, most people just rock up with a phantom and think "Hey, I can flying this really really fast, that must...
  12. Firefly_AI

    Lufthansa Plane "Nearly Collides With Drone."

    I was on the radio this morning doing an interview about this (not as the perpetrator, I'll have you know!). Media are really locking onto it. I made **** sure that the average hobbyist was defended as most are decent and responsible people.
  13. Firefly_AI

    Can anyone tell me this isnt a ripoff?

    I don't think DJI have anything to worry about. Camera and image stabilisation make me question whether this was filmed with a potato.