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Florida Drone Supply
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  • Hi there, some times you guys have demo cameras and such.

    You guys have an XT camera used? Even if it's a 336 XT?
    My inspire 2 with a X5S has severe vibrations with all lenses. All firmware is up-to-date and recently refreshed. The vibration causes a six pixel Yaw blur and no vertical blur. The frequency seems to be around 60 Hz.

    No photographic product is sharp when the shutter speed is less then 1/200.

    What can I do?
    The vibration occurs equally strong weather in the air or on the bench. The vibrations I described above were taken with the aircraft turned off setting on a solid pool table.

    Vibration is best shown by taking a still with a shutter time of 1/30 seconds. All vertical lines have a six pixel blur while horizontal lines are sharp.

    Is this normal for the Inspire 2 with the X5S camera?
    Florida Drone Supply
    Florida Drone Supply
    It would be best if you send us a PM vs trying to chat here. Go to any of our posts and start a conversation with us.
    Tried to attach an image for you but failed, I'm new to this form.
    What is cost on each camera
    I want zoom if possible

    I need a serial number for an X5 camera
    Need for insurance
    Where do I find number on camera
    Florida Drone Supply
    Florida Drone Supply
    If you have an X5 the s/n is on the main arm, it is very small. It would be easier to answer your questions by phone call. Please call me during the day at 239-910-0982
    Do u have a camera for an Inspire 1 T600
    Florida Drone Supply
    Florida Drone Supply
    If you are referring to an X3, I believe we have a clean used one in stock. The Inspire 1 can also use the X5 if the gimbal vibration isolation mount has been upgraded.
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