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Recent content by huppe

  1. huppe

    Best Practice Tips on Flying Straight?

    I suggest a bottle of whiskey and everything looks straight;)
  2. huppe

    Suing DJI

    It's not just a Chinese brand but this will happen with any other big brand.If you try your luck for example in th U.S it will be the same story. But I agree with you ,spare parts should be avaliable for more then just 5 years. I have 2 Audi's ,1 is over 15 years old and stil it is supported by...
  3. huppe

    Wanting to get a used inspire 1 what to look for??

    Just like Donnie Frank is saying,look for the right firmware. Maybe this one can helps: DJI Go APK Version History - APK4Fun
  4. huppe

    Yup, New guy Here!

    Welcome .If I see your photo you're allready at the Mavic forum too?
  5. huppe

    Replacing Inspire 1 Airframe Bottom Cover

    Maybe this one helps:
  6. huppe

    New Inspire 1 Pro Pilot.

    Hello Twofeet .Welcome to the world of the Inspire.
  7. huppe

    Lastest firmware

    Still running 1.08 and had never any problem. If your Inspire is ok I say don't upgrade. I agree with Donnie Frank
  8. huppe

    Hi from Italy

    Hello EroMarco. Welcome. Good decision to join for 2020:cool:
  9. huppe

    Controlling exposure settings in DJI Pano mode

    NO shooting your pictures in RAW mode,so you have 100% control afterwards on your pc.
  10. huppe

    Controlling exposure settings in DJI Pano mode

    Have you tried in RAW?
  11. huppe

    Regarding Props for Inspire 1

    I still fly my Inspire 1 in it's original status,that includes the "old "props and never had any issue or whatsoever.And I still love this machine
  12. huppe

    Iceland Landmannalaugar

  13. huppe

    DJI confirming X5S or X7S compatibility with I3?

    If I buy an I2 now and invest more than $5k in lenses, what happens if the I3 only works with the X8S? I’m not willing to take that loss so late in the I2’s lifecycle. Perhaps DJI can comment on this. Wonder why you are thinking of an I3 when you just bought an I2. The I2 is more than good...
  14. huppe

    Iceland Landmannalaugar

    Great pictures.Can you tell me wich are made with the Mavic ?
  15. huppe

    Xenmuse XT image inverted upside down

    I have to look for my old app and firmware.If i have it you will get it.But a "Google "can help you anyway .Let you know