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Recent content by KyleIRYS

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    Inspire 2 / TB50 Pin-Out

    Any chance you guys could test if the barrel connector simply spits out the roughly 25V full voltage of the battery? And can you pull a large amount of current throughit (disregarding the wire gauge)? (ie to check the battery isn't limitting itself because it can't detect a DJI drone)
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    Inspire 2 / TB50 Pin-Out

    Because at the end of the day it is just a LiPo. I think you are overstating the sophistication here. It is literally just a battery management chip on-board the LiPo and power distrubtion on the other side. Nothing any drone designer or custom builder doesn't know about. And at the end of the...
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    Inspire 2 / TB50 Pin-Out

    My thread certainly got hijacked at one point! But all for the better understanding of the batteries! My original intention was to be able to use these batteries for custom builds as for all their shortcomings, DJI batteries tend to be quick power dense and reliable. So to answer my original...
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    Inspire 2 / TB50 Pin-Out

    Nope. The cable posted above would be handy, but I don't know how complicated it is to actually get the full voltage and power on/off through it. Would be interesting if the other posters could advise on their experiences since last post.
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    Intelligent Flight Modes missing

    Been waiting for POI since launch. Don’t hold your breath.
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    Inspire 2 / TB50 Pin-Out

    Has anyone found any resources on the makeup up the power connector on the I2/TB50's? I'm looking to utilize them on a custom DJI hardware build and would like to save myself the trouble of trying to open a perfectly good battery up to figure out all the pins! I've also seen a lot of...
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    Metadata altitude is totally off - Help!

    I still have the exact same issue on both an I1 w/ X5 and I2 w/ X5S. Property devleopers want to look a their photos and know which levels they are looking from and it's an absolute mess of information. I'm not on absolutely latest firmware, but this has been an issue for well over a year for...
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    App not saving camera settings

    I'm having the exact same issue. Seems like some settings get saved and other don't. ColourSpace and photo shooting mode (AEB/multiple/etc) are the ones I've noticed don't save correctly. I'm not on current firmware so I can't say if latest firmware fixes the issue.
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    The Dolomites by Drone. South Tyrol, Italy

    What are the rules like for UAV flying in Italy?
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    "Find My Drone" Capabilities

    Has anyone noticed or used the feature in GO4 in any meaningful way? There doesn't seem to be much on the topic on the forum yet. I would hazard a guess that it's primary function is to locate downed aircraft, but it could be far more useful for stolen equipment. A long story short, I have had...
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    Flower Lens Hood for X5/X5S Compatible Lenses

    Has anyone made use of flower shaped lens hoods on any of the compatible lenses? I'm specifically chasing one for the stock DJI 15mm lens to combat unwanted lens flare. I've ordered a 46mm thread flower lens off eBay but it will take a while to get here, so I thought I'd see if anyone had...
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    Inspire 2 flight range 12 km!! with zenmuse x5s

    One of the dumbest things I've seen made by a drone operator.
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    Change speed in Tripod Mode?

    Send a screenshot of your GO app in tripod mode. It's at the bottom. You can adjust horizontal, vertical and yaw speed.
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    Inspire 2-From the Inside Out.

    It's incredible how sophisticated the design work on these copters is. For all DJI's shortcomings they have progressed copter design beyond anything DIY to an incredibly efficient and proffesional degree. It's just a shame there is ZERO competition from any manufcaturer worldwide. Why is nobody...
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    h.264 vs h.265 - Realistic differences

    Your first comment provided nothing to the topic of this discussion and was actually dismissive of the whole topic by a statement that was sweeping yet misleading. Your second comment is worth talking about though. Some post production packages do support h.265 and some don't and people...