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Recent content by Loaderbull

  1. Loaderbull

    Battery Mod Info

    Would you not need to match each cell to the TB47 or TB48? Any sort of cell mismatch and one or the other will be depleted first, then trying to charge the depleted cell(s) as you say. For this to be totally effective and for maximum flight times, the whole system needs balancing out to work...
  2. Loaderbull

    Is this true?

    It was the April Fools joke from this year...
  3. Loaderbull

    What does I1 do with no GPS and lost RC contact?

    GPS has been known to fail though or not have full lock occasionally? I think the OP was after a worse case type of answer that's all? So if you're flying, sudden GPS loss and then RC loss, what happens...I am inclined to agree, a controlled decent using other sensors (Accel, Barometer, VPS etc).
  4. Loaderbull

    Camera questions

    I can answer one question off the top of my head, data/bitrate in 4k is 60mb/s.
  5. Loaderbull

    Antenna Noise

    Worrying that it disconnected when it was right next to you. Maybe someone else will chime in but I would be as concerned as you are it seems. Depending on where you bought it from, do you deal with them a lot and would it be worth asking them what to do also?
  6. Loaderbull

    protecting the MAG

    With my company, we use conformal coating, and we deal with aircraft electronics so that should do the trick. I forget the exact name but i think this is the stuff; http://www.electrolube.com/core/components/products/tds/044/DCA.pdf
  7. Loaderbull

    DJI GO App - First Impressions

    Has anyone else lost the ability to change the Image Transmission Channel to Manual? I cannot select Manual in iOS on my iPad Mini 2...
  8. Loaderbull

    Draining Batteries Below 5%

    The manual stated this for battery maintenance. Since the firmware 1.3 released yesterday, they updated the battery firmware and have said you need to re-cal the batteries due to this. As @Scotflieger said above. I believe all of this is in the firmware release notes...
  9. Loaderbull

    Optimized transportation mode

    I think it senses when the camera is removed, and then proceeds to transform.
  10. Loaderbull

    Optimized transportation mode

    Yes it works. I recall finishing my flight, then selecting 'Enter Transport Mode' in the DJI Go App, it then states that it will power down the camera and you can detach it while the craft is still on. You'll know when the camera powers down as it goes limp, it then enters travel mode...
  11. Loaderbull

    DJI GO App - First Impressions

    You can see why they have made an all in one App for the three platforms mentioned, with one team or whatever working on the whole project/App rather than many different versions of the same 'type' of App. Microsoft is an example, making the Windows 10 OS for phones and Xbox One, not just...
  12. Loaderbull

    Just updated to the new firmware has anyone else done it yet??

    Mine didn't update through the app like it says it should, assuming there was an update to the RC? I used a USB stick to do it...
  13. Loaderbull

    Windows 10....

    Same here, 8.1 to Windows 10 without a hitch. Already had latest Acronis, made a backup and updated fine. All of my Adobe Suites work, along with my Cyberlink Power Director video editing software. It is slightly faster than 8.1, which in turn is slightly faster than 7.
  14. Loaderbull

    Parabolic Aeriel Range Extenders

    I used the home made version. Yes, it worked.