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Recent content by lrh111

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    Hello from the Canadian Prairies

    lol...thats awesome. enjoy your new unit!! i am an hour east of prince albert
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    Hello from the Canadian Prairies

    hi and welcome...which province are you in? i am in sask!
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    FAA Super Bowl Warning

    yup its over!!..lol
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    Super Bowl Drown Half Time Show

    not sure how many they had up ...but there were a lot at the start!!
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    Super Bowl Drown Half Time Show

    yes they did a good job with all those drones!
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    Do I have genuine DJI batteries ?

    where did you buy these?
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    Erratic camera function

    mine is the same.....i like to find a fix for this as well
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    Inspire 1 Drifting vertically

    my inspire 1 v2 is the same as your video...
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    SFOC First application.

    gruvpic could you email me your phone no. id like to talk with you if thats ok!! Lyle [email protected] thanks
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    Doc Zone

    doc zone on cbc tv in canada had a hour long program on drones!...very interesting!! i am going to try and find it and watch a second time...lol
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    Wanted - crashed I1

    thanks BroxAg i have one orderd but who knows how long it may take to get here!
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    Wanted - crashed I1

    BroxAg i am in sask....i need a gimbal mount and plate....part 41 i think. if you find a crashed one i would buy this mount off of you.
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    Pilot App map is sideways to my location

    id like to know this as well!!
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    Safety suggestion to DJI

    well the I1 is my first ....i read alot waiting for it to arrive....and watched a lot of vids i though the opposite...it was to easy to fly. now with 52 flights all is well....only one mishap and it was on a windy day ....no damage done....just a little embarrassed opperator error. this is an...
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    cant get my RTH to set to my RC

    well i have tryed to get my RTH set to my controler but no joy !!... only sets to take off point... and i just get the weak rc gps warning....cant seem to get it to change