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Recent content by MadMitch88

  1. MadMitch88


    I saw one of these little buggers land in a small park near University of Pittsburgh about 15 years ago. When the news camera tried to interview the pilot and tell him that it was illegal to land there --- he gave them a few "choice" words and calmly flew up and away. Cops just stood there...
  2. MadMitch88

    how far?

    Not trying to rain on your parade --- but some Inspire pilots are already reporting 4+ mile range with the FPVLR.com antennas. 10400 feet is like a warmup walk in the park for them. :p
  3. MadMitch88

    DJI Drone Past Release Dates

    I think all their Phantom releases have been in March or April
  4. MadMitch88

    Phantom 3 released --- are Inspire 1 owners really angry now ?!?

    Did I just read in that thread that some Inspire owner is still happy paying $2800 because his bird won't tip over on landings? I dunno, man --- I been hand-catching my P2 Vision+ since Day 1 and that sure is worth saving $1500 LOL :p
  5. MadMitch88

    Phantom 3 released --- are Inspire 1 owners really angry now ?!?

    Not trying to stir up a hornet's nest in here. Just curious what all you Inspire 1 owners feel about the Phantom 3? Personally, I think DJI is a very shady company that is built around a basic philosophy of milking their customer base for every last nickel and dime. Greed is good, so sayeth...
  6. MadMitch88

    Anyone do long range testing with FPVLR antennas yet ??

    Hopefully the clueless turds at the FAA will soon realize that piloting by FPV using 4K 360-degree cameras will actually make flying BLOS at 2 miles away a lot safer than flying by naked eye LOS at 1,000 feet, which they assume is more safe because our frail human eyes can see a tiny little...
  7. MadMitch88

    IMU and Gimbal Calibration

    Your method of leveling should work most of the time --- but remember it's the IMU itself that has to be level during a calibration. Nobody ever said the IMU is perfectly oriented to the legs and motors.
  8. MadMitch88


    We also need to abolish this notion of "seniority" status just because someone has been a member here for a long time or posted a lot. Who gives a flying **** about that? If you spew nonsense or false info. then I will bust ya up good regardless of your "senior status" on this board. Truth...
  9. MadMitch88

    Beware of "Drone Haters" - today I got spat on

    I like that idea. Carbon-fiber props would do a nice job on a jerk.
  10. MadMitch88

    Beware of "Drone Haters" - today I got spat on

    I guess you made the decision you felt was right to mitigate the situation. Glad you made it out of there with no serious injury. However, it also sickens me that loud-mouth *** clowns who think they have law degrees end up winning in these kinds of situations. This was a PUBLIC beach in the...
  11. MadMitch88

    Advice - Inspire 1 -- Need your input

    Samsung will have interchangeable lenses so that the full 2560x1440 resolution is only spread over 45-degree FOV. It will give the impression you are watching a a near-UHD monitor that is 150-inches diagonal. Truly impressive -- and it will definitely be the best FPV goggles on the market. I...
  12. MadMitch88

    Anyone do long range testing with FPVLR antennas yet ??

    As with any $3,000 machine, take it slow and steady. Be a good pilot and map out any long distance flight on Bing Maps' Bird Eye view or Google Maps satellite view first, making sure no tall obstacles are in your proposed flight path (ie, cell towers, power lines, water towers, etc). Then, be...
  13. MadMitch88

    Advice - Inspire 1 -- Need your input

    Samsung Gear VR is designed to be equally adept at VR manipulations as well as standard monitor viewing applications such as watching movies. Don't get tunnel vision about what it can do. And 1440 resolution "spread over a much wider area" is hogwash. Many reports from people who've actually...
  14. MadMitch88

    Advice - Inspire 1 -- Need your input

    I'm surprised nobody has tried getting the Samsung Gear VR goggles to work with Inspire yet? Native resolution of the Samsung Note 4 is 1440p and that easily beats the Sony goggles. :p
  15. MadMitch88

    fpvlr inspire1 antennas

    Nice to know we got someone in here with some real cahones and an actual law degree. ;) I get tired arguing with clueless morons on other boards --- hearing them brag about their extensive knowledge of U.S. statutes --- such as private landowners have exclusive control of their airspace from...