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Phantom 3 released --- are Inspire 1 owners really angry now ?!?

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Aug 19, 2014
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Cleveland, OH
Not trying to stir up a hornet's nest in here. Just curious what all you Inspire 1 owners feel about the Phantom 3? Personally, I think DJI is a very shady company that is built around a basic philosophy of milking their customer base for every last nickel and dime. Greed is good, so sayeth Gordon Gecko and it appears Steve Jobs and DJI both admired the man!

Yeah, I know a 2nd controller for the camera is a nice feature, but can anyone besides videography pros really justify spending an extra $1500 for this capability? And who really cares about retractable landing gear all that much? Just don't yaw as fast on the P3 and you'll never see the landing gear in your footage, or else just crop it out in post LOL. :p

I dunno, dudes. If I were you, I'd be kinda pissed if you just laid down $2800+ for an Inspire and now you see the P3 Pro has pretty much all the same features for only $1260, and even a longer flight time with the 4S battery. Phantom body is also proven to be a lot easier to work on and modify than the Inspire chassis.

Let me know your thoughts! :eek:
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I think most of the inspire owners spoke, or are speaking, their piece in the above posted thread. Lets keep it all together in one place.
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