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Recent content by mikegwreid

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    WTB X5 gimbals

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a couple of spare X5 gimbals. If you have any to see please shoot me a message on here and we can work out a price. Thanks! Mike
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    Inspire 2 questions

    Hi, I just picked up an inspire 2 and have about 15 flights in with it. I really like it as far as flying goes but there are quite a few things I am trying to wrap my head around with it. When is dual operator mode is it possible to stop the app from locking out the pilot from gimbal...
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    WTB Inspire 2 Premium package

    @mpaerial That's where I ordered my extra batteries and Tx from before the other deal on here fell through. Great service! Just trying to get a little more kit for the money by buying a used one.
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    WTB Inspire 2 Premium package

    Ok, sounds good. I'm just waiting to hear back from a package on dronevibes. If it doesn't pan out I will shoot you a message and we can set something up. Thanks!
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    WTB Inspire 2 Premium package

    Mike! I just realized that it's you, we know each other already, you've been sending them to me! I'm shipping to California this time though, I have a friend traveling to South Africa ahead of me and I'm getting him to take the UAV because he is a SA resident.
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    WTB Inspire 2 Premium package

    I'm hoping to find used to save a few $'s and maybe take one off of someone's hands if they aren't getting as much use out of one as they expected. But I'm open to new if I don't find anything. I already own a transmitter and 6 batteries that I purchased when I had another deal set up but that...
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    WTB Inspire 2 Premium package

    Hi, I am looking to buy an Inspire 2 premium package (I2, X5S, ProRes and Cinema DNG licenses) and ideally an SSD included. I am located in Canada but would be shipping to, or local pickup in Los Angeles is possible. Thanks, Mike Reid [email protected] www.wholesomedroneco.com 647-262-8987
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    Freefly Alta 6 in excellent condition for sale *SOLD*

    Awesome deal and an amazing bird. I just had mine flying up in the Atacama at 8000ft asl with my epic without issues. It needed a few smaller batteries to split the increased load but it is way more capable than the specs lead too to think.
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    Inspire 1 RAW for sale (dual remote)

    I forgot to mention that I am in Toronto.
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    Inspire 1 RAW for sale (dual remote)

    Hi, We are clearing out one of out Inspire Pro RAW packages to make room for an inspire 2 in the fleet. This one has served as a backup and has barely been used. It was purchased from Brooklyn Drones in July and comes with everything that originally came in the box. Click the link below and...
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    News from the DJI/Hasselblad partnership

    There is a huge market for aerial photography. I have been using this identical setup for over 2 years using an H4D 60MP and a modified 50mm locked to infinity. And you aren't limited to normal still photos if you know what you are doing with this, there are many other uses that you can have...
  12. Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.11.48

    Screenshot 2016-07-12 11.11.48

    H4D 60MP Alta in Nigeria
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    Video Resolutions

    So, I was going through all of my inspires yesterday to make sure all of my firmware is up to date and when I got to the second one (which wasn't recognizing its SSD, SD was fine) it had displayed a recording resolution of 4.6k, but it also had a shorter recording time (just under 2 hours vs...
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    DJI invests in Hasselblad; "not ready to announce"

    @The Editor actually their newest camera the H6D 100MP also shoots 4k raw video and outputs video via HDMI. From first impressions it is quite good, and that is from a preproduction model. I don't expect them to jump right into video and be as good as the arri, red etc, but they have done very...
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    Firmware odd behavior

    My issue with the update was that it made my inspire nearly impossible to fly. Even after I reset all of my setup back to how I normally use it, the inspire would react extremely violently to even a slight gust of wind, and even when dead calm it would drift to the right pretty hard in both GPS...