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Recent content by Paul7of8

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    Wondering about interfering with EMS Air, police or fire

    I suspect that this will evolve in the future as local news agencies acquire more drones and are on-scene with first responders. I also think that, in the future, what is considered safe and what is considered interference would likely be more clearly defined. As it stands today, you, as the...
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    CystalSky Remote Controller Mounting Bracket

    Yes, it can be removed. You can carefully take that bracket apart and remove the cable (without damage). I say carefully as there are two small components that will want to pop out and can easily get lost (don't recall if they were small springs or washers or what). You could even put the...
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    I guess I won't be buying one of these any time soon...

    Exactly. Also, folks rarely post here to say “everything is working great”, they come for help with issues. Here you have line of sight to a sampling of the defects, but you have virtually no line of sight to the opportunities. You would need both variables to begin any type of analysis of...
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    Inspire 2 Questions

    I purchased my I2 from Advexure. Great experience.
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    WTB Olympus 12mm

    Have you checked out Used Cameras & Lenses - Buy & Sell at KEH Camera? I have purchased from them several times in the past and have always been pleased.
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    Badlands Park South Dakota Sunset

    Beautiful video! I’ve never been there, but watching that video I’m pretty sure I know how I would feel if I were to see it in person. I’ll be relocating to AZ next month. I have always loved the desert and I’m very much looking forward to the move. I’m hoping I’ll find some remote scenic...
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    Retracted - Mavic Pro, Crystal Sky 5.5, and GPC Case Bundle for Sale

    I'm "taking this down" here. Going to look at pulling it apart. Wanted to edit my post to take it off the market for now. Everything listed/pictured below is included. If possible, I'd prefer to sell this as a complete bundle/kit. I may re-think that approach if, after a bit of time, it...
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    iOS Apps for Forum Not Working

    Suddenly, I am not able to use the iOS apps to access InspirePilots.com. I have tried the tapatalk app and the InspirePilots app. I am unable to login using either app. I get the same error message... "Log In Failed -- You are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action."...
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    Aperture ring setting for stock X5 15mm lens

    As you might suspect, once upon a time the aperture ring on the lens was the only way to change the aperture. As cameras became more automated you could also change the aperture using a dial on the camera body. However, in order to set the aperture using the dial on the camera body you had to...
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    Have not seen this before

    That zebra pattern is highlighting the parts of the image that are, or may be, over-exposed (potentially unrecoverable blown highlights). This feature can be enabled/disabled in settings.
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    Inspire 1 complete commercial kit

    Hmm... it works for me. I don’t need an I1, but I checked it out nevertheless.
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    Tapatalk vs. “native” InspirePilots App

    Hello, everyone. Are there any pros/cons to using Tapatalk vs. the InspirePilots app (or vice versa)? On the surface they appear to be identical other than the color scheme. Just curious. Thanks! Paul
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    Reversing Falls, Sheepscot Village Maine

    I like the addition of the sound effects.
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    ProReS RAW X7/i2 Shot at Circuit of the Americas

    It may be just me, but I get “video unavailable”. I was able to search for it and find it.
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    I2 controller phone/tablet mount issue

    You can carefully dismantle the CrystalSky mount on the RC and remove the USB cable. This process can also be reversed in the event that you want to put that cable back in… say if you pick up a CrystalSky. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can remove that cable without damaging the...