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Recent content by PittsburghPilot

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    How to fly in a "no Fly zone"

    It seems to me that if you can prove you have passed part 107 and have a current UAS pilot certificate, DJI should then turn your NFZ off permanently. Their responsibility for NFZ would now be turned over to you, a certified Pilot, and we can fly where ever we need to commercially following...
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    USA Collision Lights

    thank you so much
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    USA Collision Lights

    Thank you.. Do you know if there are there any kits available that would allow for the Inspire to comply with this regulation?
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    USA Collision Lights

    Do the Inspire 1's lights qualify as collision lights? I need to be able to fly during civil twilight.
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    X5R Ship Date and Pricing

    Somehow I think the X5R release date will be right at NAB in April.. Makes complete sense to me. Unless DJI has a bigger splash up it's sleeve.
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    You are in a no-fly zone... today, yesterday you weren't.

    Thanks... do you know how accurate that map is? I was in pgh 30 days ago and the NFZ was much larger based on a .6 mile radius around the stadiums...
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    You are in a no-fly zone... today, yesterday you weren't.

    Where can I find the latest DJI no fly zone map? the one on there site is for Phantoms.. I noticed that here in Pittsburgh there are two over the stadiums.. but they don't show up on there map.. is there a Inspire1 map anywhere?
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    Stadium no fly zone

    Interesting topic... I was trying to do some filming with the inspire just a few days ago... I'm in Pittsburgh.. I wanted to get a sunrise shot from the mountain where the incline climbs up.. Inspire wouldn't even start let alone take off... I kept the inspire on and drove around to verify...
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    Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95

    Just saw this lense and thought it would be a great fit for X5 any thoughts?? weight is only 230 g Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm is the World's Lightest f/0.95 Lens for Micro Four Thirds
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    First Attempt at Boat/Wakeboarder..

    Shot this a few days ago.. it was our first attempt at a boat take off and then "hand landing" and of course flying around a fast boat... wow it was exciting!
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    Flying UAV for Non-Recreational use

    BarryA, Could you show me specifically which company was granted an exemption where a pilots license was NOT needed? I looked through at least 50 and can't find one. thanks for your help in advance. Also can anyone point me in the direction of a quality UAV School in the US...
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    Controlling the inspire with a.....ring?

    If you read the story and listen to the 2nd video you'll see you have to activate it by touching a button while using it, so swatting a fly isn't an issue... lol It's a gadget.. can't really see any use at this point, but a more virtual way of controlling the camera gimbal by itself would...
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    Controlling the inspire with a.....ring?

    Here is a bit more about the NOD ring.. http://www.4kshooters.net/2015/07/08/nod-ring-allows-you-to-control-your-drone-with-a-wave-of-your-hand/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+4kShooters+%284K+Shooters%29
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    Central Ohio

    I have twitch also.. actually have all of the VC plugins.. got to meet Andrew at NAB after his Adobe presentation back in April.. Truly an "inspiring" guy. I tend to lean towards Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant for quick color grades.. but if i'm being paid then I go into Speed Grade and...
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    Central Ohio

    Really liked the grading you did with the abandoned old house... Lens Flares from VC is one of the best plugins around.. completely natural, believable.