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Recent content by pterrill

  1. pterrill

    smart power charge

    I agree the deep cycle should be changed to 3.3v, plus possibly a firmware update that was hinted at when we bought them.
  2. pterrill

    The Mother of All Chargers?

    Does anyone know if there has ever been a FW update to this unit or a GUI interface option? I have the 450 and have no complaints. Also can anyone advise on the issue that DJI says to discharge the battery to 5% and this unit in the deep charge cycle take it down to 8% is this something to be...
  3. pterrill


    Can anyone that uses a Flytrex Live 3G for Inspire advise me as to why after over 100 successful flights with Flytrex working flawlessly that now the red light never changes from a solid red. The Flytrex web site says the relight should come on when first powered up and after initializing...
  4. pterrill

    DBS Itelite Antenna, Various Antenna Options

    My experience with the DBS Antenna is different from the prior posts that reported amazing distances and uninterrupted video and control. I had DBS do the modification to my Controller when I bought the Antenna. Now that I got my I1 back in the air, I'm finding that I had as good if not better...
  5. pterrill

    Charging Hub Update?

    Hi Guys, I have a question concerning the DJI Charging Hub update downloaded from the DJI website. After the program is executed and started, the directions say to plug USB cable from Windows PC to Charging Hub USB port. From the software program, it says when plugged in the red LED lights will...
  6. pterrill

    Adding Text and symbols to Photos and Movies

    I apologize for getting off track on the Inspire Forum, but could any one recommend any Mac software that allows for adding text and symbols to photos and or movies? I've seen some posts where guys have uploaded photos that included text and symbols and believe it adds so much more to stock...
  7. pterrill


    Familyman5821, I had exactly the same problem you're describing, and it turned out that I didn't have the sim inserted all the way in the slot. Hope this helps.
  8. pterrill

    GPS Hacks can down DJI Quad Copters

  9. pterrill

    Yesterday my Inspire started drifting

    Shazbot4, Could you advise where in the menu you are finding sensitivity settings for GPS and Altitude. Are you talking about Gain & Expo Tuning? Thanks
  10. pterrill

    Image Transmission Settings - Custom or Auto

    Hi Guys - Is there an advantage using Custom settings verses Auto? I would think in theory that Auto would because it is constantly changing to the strongest and clearest channel. But if that were the case why would you even need a Custom setting. I would love to hear opinions either for or against.
  11. pterrill


    I just wanted to give a public "Thank You" to Amit from Flytrex, as you may know from my previous posts in this thread that I was having trouble connecting my Flytrex 3G Live for Inspire I, It was Amit that contacted me and with a few emails back and forth he was able to pin point my problem and...
  12. pterrill

    Plastic Welding

    Hi Guys, I just discovered a new product (at least for me it is). A plastic welding product that I think is superior to any plastic glues, including Duro Weld, in my opinion. A little expensive but it works. It is called Bondic, works on other surfaces besides plastic. Available at...
  13. pterrill


    Thanks offtosleep I called H2O, what a mind numbing experience. First they can't accept the fact that their sim card is going in something besides a cell phone. In their automated setup they text you at the phone number assigned to the sim, a login and password to a site that lets you configure...
  14. pterrill


  15. pterrill


    To anyone that has their new Flytrex Live operating, does anyone know what it means when you get a solid blue indicator instead of a flashing green and obviously never connecting online? I've done the install exactly as per installation instructions, registered the unit with Flytrex online...