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Recent content by Simon Arvestrand

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    Android DJI GO app - Thoughts and Findings

    I just landed from a flight with the previous app with my shield. After 4 minutes i got disconnected. Camera still works Sent from my S5
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    Android DJI GO app - Thoughts and Findings

    So. After reading alot i'm still not sure if i should upgrade or wait? I have a photo job tomorrow so no update before that but shall i upgrade my stuff on sunday or wait for newer releases? Sent from my S5
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    Second Controller Video Lag

    Same problem here but only when running it as slave Skickat från min SHIELD Tablet via Tapatalk
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    Anybody else using Go Pro Studio for their video editing ?

    Try davinci lite from blackmagic is free as long as you keep it <4k and not 3d Sent from my S5
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    Litchi Android app testing

    Count me in as tester! Sent from my S5
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    Whoa! Headplay

    Great. I think i have one on the way now☺ Sent from my S5
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    Whoa! Headplay

    I have a shield to. And wondering about the controller. i don't have one but can you use it to let another control the Gimball at the shield? Sent from my S5
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    Some additional beta slots available

    Nothing here Sent from my S5
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    DJI Pilot & Mission Planner (???)

    Only ios Sent from my S5
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    FW v1.2.1.0 bug report thread

    I thought it was compass error to, i have recalibrated and started it on flat surfaces with no success
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    FW v1.2.1.0 bug report thread

    I don't know if this is a fw issue but i write it here anyway. I have problem with camera Yaw , i don't think it was like that in the previous fw. The camera does not point straight forward it points one or two clicks right. it is not much so you don't see it until you do a forward flight and...
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    Whoa! Headplay

    Depending what you will use them for. For hdtransmittion foto and video use They are great. For funkar fast fpv flying i hate them. for that is my dom hd way better. Sent from my S5
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    Whoa! Headplay

    I will try soon. Just need to buy me a new hdmi cable first. Sent from my S5
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    Permits for flying in National Parks

    National parks begs for recording in sweden [emoji3] People askes often me to take pictures and film. Som i will release som on the tube Sent from my S5
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    Propeller Case - Anyone make or Print one?

    If you print in ABS then you can print parts and join the together /edit Forgot one small detail. You use acetone to join the parts. Sent from my S5