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Recent content by Sky

  1. Sky

    Fire up the rumor mill

    also the focal length is different. use the inspire on the osmo for longer ranger shots then use the osmo camera on osmo for up close shots
  2. Sky

    First Successful Crash

    Flew the drone with my schools engineering club today. Practicing some faster turns in ATTI mode and medium winds...and I flew right into the only tree around us. Luckily the bird was only 2 meters off the ground when it dove into the branches. Also lucky that it's Winter and the branches...
  3. Sky

    Osmo Motorcycle Test 1

    nothing over 75mph.
  4. Sky

    Osmo Motorcycle Test 1

    Used the DJI "bicycle" mount on my motorcycle. A bit bumpy but I can make it smoother in the future. @ 3:19 I hit a dip in the road, the gimbal rotated out of lock and the recording stopped. No damage to the gimbal. hit record and it was back at it. *disclaimer*All road laws were followed...
  5. Sky

    Anyone willing to help/have suggestions for s student in Seattle?

    is there a grant for a project where you could include necessary visual measuring equipment such as Inspire 1?
  6. Sky

    1 year since last flight

    Surprisingly went smooth, by DJI standards. Bird, Master RC, and 3 Batteries updated just fine. Slave RC is having issues updating. The app doesn't tell me the RC needs an update but I have never even used it before. When I try to put the update on via USB the log doesn't create a success...
  7. Sky

    1 year since last flight

    Bear with me, it's been almost a year to the day since I've turned on and flown my inspire1. Now that I am able to fly again I wanted to be cautious about update jumping. Other than following DJI's instructions is there anything else I should know? I plan to update to v1.3.0 via USB then...
  8. Sky

    Anyone interested in a complete Inspire 1?

    I completely agree, that's why I'm willing to knock a few hundred bucks off the price. Can't go ridiculous though. I won't be selling it for $3000. Let me check with UPS tomorrow for shipping costs and I'll get back to you on here
  9. Sky

    Anyone interested in a complete Inspire 1?

    Bought this in May for $3600 for the 2-controller kit and 2 extra batteries, also bought the $60 back pack. I wouldn't go much lower but I could negotiate if you want to make an offer. I'm trying to replace the bird I don't fly with a printer I could :)...
  10. Sky

    Anyone interested in a complete Inspire 1?

    Just a feeler but would anyone be interested in an Inspire 1 w/ 3 batteries (2 T47 and 1 T48), 2 controllers, some accessories and the koozam backpack straps for the standard case? The bird has only flown once, flawlessly. PM if interested.
  11. Sky

    New Modes

    Feels like an update for the Phantoms that was hacked together for the inspire, as a second thought. Wish the i1 had enough priority to DJi for development.
  12. Sky

    Inspire 1 Accessories - get them while they are hot :)

    I wish you luck with the printers. I have a Micro3D at home and use a MakerBot 5th gen at school. Wish I had access to a SLS printer though. I can't fathom why the gimbal would need to be locked, unless if it was broken/faulty.
  13. Sky

    Priority Suggestion

    After mixed reviews of the most recent software update I'm left wondering what other pilots think needs improving, hardware or software - wise. If you could pick 1 single priority to be implemented in the next Inspire 1 update, what would you chose?
  14. Sky

    Inspire 1 Accessories - get them while they are hot :)

    Nice! The first printer I worked on was a reprap prusa 2. I know a lot of people have requested prop guards in the past, haven't searched for them my self but there may be a market. I assume Alan Brooks is looking for something that makes the gimbal rigid?