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Recent content by Tahoe Ed

  1. Tahoe Ed

    Crystalsky and DJI pilot beta

    The original beta has expired. With the last update, it was reinstalled in the CS. We don't have any of the 200 series craft so we cannot test. There has been no discussion as to when it will be finalized.
  2. Tahoe Ed

    Beware, Dji can now stop you from taking off.

    Can I add a bit of sanity here. The manditory update is for safety reasons on the Spark. If you have one you have heard reports of Sparks just powering down and falling from the sky. This update addresses this and issue with the automated selfie routines. DJI did this one time before with...
  3. Tahoe Ed

    DJI Cendence Remote Controller

    Mad the Cendence and the Crystal Sky are included with the M210. It is listed on the DJI website.
  4. Tahoe Ed

    Cendence Beta Testing

    There has been another update. You can connect a slave to the master.
  5. Tahoe Ed

    Cendence Beta Testing

    Yes you are to post but be aware that there is a new version of firmware for Crystal Sky. If you would have asked the question to beta you would have known that. Please download and install the new firmware and modify your post. Thank you.
  6. Tahoe Ed

    Main Causes of Digital Artifact in Image Transmission

    Please see the attached for more information on the above topic.
  7. Tahoe Ed

    Main causes of digital artifacts in image transmission.

    Please see the attached sheet for additional information.
  8. Tahoe Ed

    Articles of interest for SRW Users.

    Please review the attached for camera incompatibility issues when using SRW.
  9. Tahoe Ed

    Will the Z3 be compatible with the Inspire 2?

    Guys, nothing on the Inspire 1 will work on the Inspire 2 other than the lenses and maybe the SD card. I have both and the I2 is an entirely different craft. If you are happy with your I1 please continue to fly it. If you are looking for DNG and Prores then after paying the licensing fee the...
  10. Tahoe Ed

    Inspire 2 v Inspire 1 Pro v Inspire 2 Pro (?????)

    I will never discount further improvements to the Inspire2. We continue to innovate our craft. Right now it will be difficult finding a competitor that has the same features.
  11. Tahoe Ed

    New Travel Mode?

    We were confused as to why we could not get our I2's out of travel mode. We ended up using the screw hole in the bottom of the I2. Then when we were watching the launch we learned that it just took 5 presses on the power button and then remove the gimbal and wa la travel mode. Do the same...
  12. Tahoe Ed

    Inspire 2 Camera options

    I have been flying the I2 and the P4P for some time now I will say that the standard class 10 SD cards are not up to the task. I got 1 out of 4 videos to record successfully. I am going with the ultra cards in the future. The good news is that you can record to the SSD card for everything...
  13. Tahoe Ed

    Not legal for use in the USA?

    The band is 60gHz and very low power. It only has to transmit over about a foot. I am sure that DJI will sort it out with the FCC. For those of you that are not in NA you have no issues. For those of you that are in NA the decision to use or not is yours. For those that use the X mount you...
  14. Tahoe Ed

    DJI Starts Shipping Eagerly Anticipated Inspire 1 RAW Edition

    DJI Starts Shipping Eagerly Anticipated Inspire 1 RAW Edition Standalone Micro Four-Thirds Zenmuse X5R Camera Also Available Shortly SHENZHEN, CHINA, March 24, 2016 – DJI said Thursday it will begin shipping the eagerly anticipated Inspire 1 RAW edition, featuring its best-in-class aerial...
  15. Tahoe Ed

    X5 1080p vs 4K

    I shoot in 4K all the time. I do manual focus and camera controls. Nothing is auto. This is not an X3. I have three lenses that I use. It is an extension of my GH4 on the ground.