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Recent content by Wiski23

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    Next iOS update almost ready?

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    Flying around Los Angeles - Kitesurfers, Ultimate Frisbee, Balls, Downtown etc.

    Nice shots, love that skating footage. Whats the song?
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    Inspire 1 vs. Phantom 3 vs. 3DR solo

    I can get the same pic from the p3 as my i1. No different in that regard. Sure the i1 drives like a Ferrari but the p3 might drive like a Prius but capture wise are equal.
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    Inspire 1 is dead

    I1 is a much better bird than the p3. But both have the same camera.
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    Inspire 1 is dead

    .... Also this has nothing to do with money, like dread stated, "worrying about past money spent is wasting time". 100% correct. Heres 2 main examples what tipped my descision. 1) I carried my inspire case(which was a mission without backpack straps) for 49 minutes to a waterfall. I then...
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    Inspire 1 is dead

    Lol whats with all the hate? A few insecure inspire owners on here or what? Im not hating on the inspire, i love this machine. Ive outlined my reasons and it comes down soley to the camera & ease of use. Sure the inspire flys like a ferrari but my needs at present "as pointed out" means I only...
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    Inspire 1 is dead

    I for one am selling my Inspire for the P3. My reasons..... P3- Ease of use, props on, complete setup straight out of a nice sized back pack. Take out turn on and you're up! I love my inspire but the 2 minutes it takes to setup turns me off, I must have little patience-) For my needs, aerial...
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    20000 views in 48 hours.

    I thought it was pretty breathtaking some of the footage. I think more passovers like the mountain passover towards the end would have given it more WOW factor. Looks very professional imo
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    GPS signal to find lost Drone?

    I put mine down, ended up being in a no go zone so i watched it on my ipad map and saw it being driven back to me (in a car) on my ipad gps. The battery was dead too.... So yeah, why not?
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    Tablet flops over

    Yeah it's a **** system with that one screw. You just need to use your muscles and tighten it up really tight. I've nearly stripped the flathead groove on mine so will order a new one and add washers if possible. Luckily I use my screwdriver everyday so I've got superman wrists...
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    Boat Landing

    A person with 2 hands
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    Nearly put inspire in ocean

    It's all about who you know buddy.