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Recent content by worldsoutro

  1. worldsoutro

    Is it worth it?

    I agree with the posters above, I think it's going to be a huge hassle. I have been overseas quite a bit since owning the inspire and it's never crossed my mind bringing it with me because i would always have to worry above it. Going on the plane, customs, other countries laws and possibly being...
  2. worldsoutro

    New laws in the Netherlands

    Those rules pretty much end the enjoyment of the hobby.. Sorry to hear
  3. worldsoutro

    Trying to get a feel for the new firmware(v1.7.0.90)

    Are we seeing any widespread issues on this? I browsed the forums and I have seen users reporting a weak signal but I haven't been seeing it widely reported. I am thinking of going up the the new fw. If I missed a thread on this question, I do apologies.
  4. worldsoutro

    Another near miss event - A380 @ 5000ft

    Those restrictions would be awful
  5. worldsoutro

    Drone Show UK - 5th to 6th December 2015 Birmingham NEC

    Does anyone want a free pair of tickets to this? I was planning to go with my girlfriend but we broke up(ok she dumped me lol after over two years of dating :/) so there is no point in flying from the US to the UK anymore just for this. The tickets are e tickets. I don't know if an ID is required
  6. worldsoutro


    Groundstation...... cough
  7. worldsoutro

    New forum section for bad drone press?

    I'd agree if the news sections had more activity but the thread towards the end are from several days ago. Apart of the reason why you still see some threads for days without activity. Breaking the news forum up seems like it would make it worse for activity. Also to be fair there are only four...
  8. worldsoutro

    More negative news on Drones on CNN

  9. worldsoutro

    Predicting "Weather Windows"

    UK is a beautiful country but its either raining or too windy to fly
  10. worldsoutro

    Unstable channels

    Now that you said that, I had my phone at as a mobile hot spot. I also had my smart watch on connected via Bluetooth
  11. worldsoutro

    More idiots flying drones where they shouldn't

    Great now it's front page on cnn
  12. worldsoutro

    Unstable channels

    Weird thing happened to me today. I started going through my pre flight check list and I noticed my video signal came up with a warning that said weak(electromagnetic interference may be occurring). It switched then back to a good status and stayed there for a few minutes then I saw the warning...
  13. worldsoutro

    More idiots flying drones where they shouldn't

    They will once we have forced FAA regulations on us because of people like this. Sometimes the government has to enact laws because there are a lot of stupid people out there that will hurt someone
  14. worldsoutro

    More idiots flying drones where they shouldn't

    http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/18/us/california-freeway-fire/index.htmlhtml Sigh......
  15. worldsoutro

    Chinese Stock Market Drops Dramatically...

    Not surprised, there isn't much of an economy in PR to begin with. But they can just hop over to mainland US for the welfare check, sorry i mean job opportunities